Preview: NLEX goes for the kill

With a fourth straight title in mind, the NLEX Road Warriors go for the kill in Game 2 of the PBA D-League Finals.

Mia Domingo
Updated 11:04 PM, Feb 25, 2013

Photo by Nuki Sabio/PBA ImagesPhoto by Nuki Sabio/PBA Images

2013 PBA D-League Aspirants Cup Finals Game 2

NLEX Road Warriors (1) vs (0) Cagayan Valley Rising Suns

Why this game is important...

For NLEX: History is within reach and NLEX definitely knows that. A four-peat is a distinct possibility, what with the Road Warriors' immense talent overpowering whatever will their opponents have to offer. NLEX would love to have an early break, too, as the next conference begins in a month's time.

For Cagayan: The series is not over yet for this Cinderella crew. And after giving NLEX fits yet again in Game 1, they know that they have what it takes to defeat the Road Warriors. Doing that, though, is easier said than done so expect the Rising Suns to bring it all out in trying to extend this series.


For NLEX: Desire. That's actually the only question left for this NLEX group. They have the talent, the skill and the proper coaching, but do they have it in them to finish it Tuesday? We will all be witnesses.

For Cagayan: Chris Exciminiano. After a solid start to the tournament, the pesky guard has not made his presence felt in quite a while and Game 2 is the best time to show up once more as the Rising Suns would need every ounce of support it can give Eliud Poligrates to live another day.

And the winner is... The standard of excellence in the D-League has always been NLEX and this conference isn't any different. Cagayan needs a perfect game to beat them, but if they will shoot atrociously once more in Game 2, expect the crown to be the Road Warriors' for the fourth straight time. NLEX -

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