This is Rappler's corrections page, which lists factual errors and systems infractions. Corrections are made according to the following policy and workflow:

1. Rappler’s social media team constantly scours our social media platforms and comments section and alerts the editorial desk whenever there are suggestions for corrections. We acknowledge errors publicly and the necessary corrections made, if merited.

2. Editors act on these alerts from social media after verifying the corrections. They check with reporters, the Rappler database, previously published stories, and other authoritative and credible first-hand sources, including government agencies and other primary sources. (READ: Rappler's Fact check Methodology)

3. Once verified, the corrections are made, and alerts sent out to social media. They, in turn, alert the public once again via social media posts. We also alert readers via an editor's note about these changes. The Corrections Page for that period is then updated as needed. Social media is also notified and asked to repush the corrected story on social media.

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