DWIZ host incites violence against Rappler journalist

On Friday, November 3, a pro-administration blogger known for propagating lies online, incited violence against Rappler's Malacañang reporter Pia Ranada on his radio program.

RJ Nieto, a government consultant who claimed he had resigned, invited Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque to his program and urged Roque to throw a hollow block at Ranada, who has been the subject of his online attacks for a year now. (READ: NUJP hits RJ Nieto for being a 'barefaced liar')

In the interview, Nieto asked Roque: "Pero, sir, kahit isang hollow block magbalibag naman kayo, sir, para ano lang pakagat lang ganoon," then laughed. (But, sir, just throw one hollow block, sir, to give them a taste.) 

Roque replied: "Pero dapat pipiliin din ang target." (But we also have to choose the target.)

Nieto then shot back: "Kasi ako po, si Pia na lang po. Si Pia Ranada, sir." (If it were me, I'd just choose Pia, Pia Ranada, sir.)

The mention of hollow blocks was in reference to Roque's earlier interview with another blogger and government official, Mocha Uson, when the newly-appointed spokesperson said he would throw adobe hollow blocks at the critics of the administration. Ranada was among the few journalists who reported on that remark.

During a subsequent Palace briefing, she asked Roque about the propriety of such a remark – whether meant literally or figuratively.