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How to navigate Rappler’s new platform, Lighthouse

Rappler recently rolled out our new website, powered by Lighthouse, our new content delivery and community engagement platform. (Introducing Lighthouse: Rappler's new platform)

User experience and navigation on this new platform is optimized for mobile devices because most users access our site using these devices. Knowing how busy you are, we also focused on speeding up load time. These meant overhauling the menu and navigation system that users were used to in our old site. 

If you are trying to get yourself reacquainted with how to find content you like on Lighthouse, here are some handy tips: 

Our new home page displays the freshest updates to the most important topics of the day

We decluttered our homepage to help you quickly find the most recent stories in topics that matter the most up to the minute. The trending topics navigation bar highlights topics that our editorial team is currently focusing on. 

Click on each topic to scroll down to the most recent stories per topic. 

The Top Story of the hour always comes with related stories for added context. Scroll further downwards to find updates to the current featured topic and the latest video uploads.

Looking for our regular sections? Check the hamburger menu

In order to declutter the site for mobile view, we opted for the collapsible hamburger menu, a standard navigation device for most mobile-first sites which is named so because it resembles a hamburger.

On Lighthouse, this is the orange icon with 2 horizontal lines that you see on the upper right corner of your mobile screen, and upper left corner for desktop users. Click on this icon in order to unfurl the list of landing pages for sections and subsections. 

You will find all of our regular sections here, from national and world news, to the Newsbreak in-depth, fact checks and investigative pieces, to our lighthearted lifestyle and entertainment reads. 

Something to take note of: the Views section which housed all opinion pieces as well as analytical pieces is now known as Voices. You will find Thought Leader pieces, as well as the IMHO reader contributions, under this section.

Recognizing the need to focus coverage on environmental concerns, we have also elevated environment stories to their own special section. Are you a science junkie? Science is now a separate section on Lighthouse.

Bookmark our Latest Stories page if you do not want to miss any update

If you are a hardcore news junkie who hates missing out, don’t fret. We have a separate chronologically organized page that displays all latest stories, with most recently published ones up top. You can access this through the hamburger menu or by bookmarking on your browser.

Track developments to issues that matter through Topics

At Rappler, we believe in keeping tabs on important coverages and themes beyond the regular news cycle. For this reason, we rolled out Topics, a feature that organizes and thematically groups stories, improving ways for you to discover issues and themes that you find interesting.

Beyond the top topics displayed on the menu bar, you can access more topics and their related topics by clicking the search icon. This is the icon that looks like a magnifying glass which you can access via the hamburger menu on mobile. On desktop, this is displayed on the upper right corner of the screen. Aside from topics, you can also search for previous stories written by your favorite Rappler author.

Lighthouse is a work in progress. We have more features in store for you in the coming months.

We welcome feedback on what you like, what you don't like, as well as any additional features that might be useful to you and your community in the long run. 

If your company, civil society group, or news organization is interested in using Lighthouse for your content distribution and community engagement needs, you can email: –