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How to be a Rappler+ member and access exclusive content

How to be a Rappler+ member and access exclusive content
For an introductory price of P400 (a little less than US$10), here's how you can sign up for Rappler’s on-site community and be a Rappler+ member

In May last year, on World Press Freedom Day 2020, Rappler introduced Lighthouse, a new content delivery platform aimed at enabling readers and communities to act on the stories and advocacies they feel strongly about.

Lighthouse carries smart features that enhance the reader’s journey through Topics, Developing Stories, and the Progressive Web Application. Rappler’s Topics include democracy, COVID-19, global economy, food, among others. Our Developing Stories page guides readers in keeping track of fast-moving events such as the road to Joe Biden’s inauguration and disasters such as Typhoon Ulysses.

As we begin 2021, we will soon be launching a new feature: the community engagement and gated content portal.

We are also introducing a monthly membership subscription option for individuals who want to try out the experience of Rappler + without having to commit to a whole year. 

Rappler+ users have access to compelling research, top-notch investigative reports, and exclusive Rappler events. They also get to talk to our reporters and join a community-driven by smart conversations, advocacy, and citizen journalism – all in one place. Read more about Rappler+ here.

Here’s how you can sign up for Rappler’s on-site community and be a Rappler+ member for an introductory price* of only P400 a month (a little less than US$10):

Create your account

On the upper right side of the navigation bar, click JOIN RAPPLER+. A prompt will allow you to choose a method of registration: via email, Google, Facebook, or Twitter account.

Log in using your account

If you already have a Rappler account, you may click the LOGIN button and choose the same method you used to register.

Sign up for Rappler+ via our monthly subscription

Once logged in, a page will show up asking you to sign up for the Rappler+ membership program. By signing up, you get full access to Rappler’s premium content and events for an introductory monthly subscription of P400 (a little less than US$10).

You may still avail of our annual membership of P3,500/year should you prefer to make a one-time payment for the whole year. – Rappler.com

*For a limited time, we are offering a one-time monthly subscription for P400 (a little less than US$10). If you decide to continue, you can move on to our annual subscription. Try Rappler+ and access exclusive events and content.

Rappler’s community platform is a work in progress. More community engagement features will be rolled out soon!