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Introducing Voices: Rappler’s new home for your opinions and analyses

Marguerite de Leon
Introducing Voices: Rappler’s new home for your opinions and analyses
In this new climate, where free speech grows increasingly crucial, Rappler has a brighter, better home for your own insights: Voices

Today, the right to express your thoughts freely has never been more important. Every person deserves to speak up about the issues around them in a safe, open space, where their thoughts can be valued and amplified.

Since its founding, Rappler has aimed to be one of these spaces. We are home not only to news, features, and in-depth pieces, but also to views from a diverse range of voices – input straight from the mouths of the marginalized, critiques from subject matter experts, personal observations from passionate readers of all backgrounds, and more.

And in this new climate, where free speech grows increasingly crucial, Rappler has a brighter, better home for these essays: Voices.

Rappler’s Voices section is comprised of several categories: iSpeak, IMHO, Thought Leaders, Rappler Blogs, Editorial, and Newsletters.


iSpeak pieces are specifically written by and/or for marginalized or niche communities – voices we seldom hear in the mainstream, such as indigenous peoples, the LGBT, overseas Filipinos, PWDs, laborers, etc.


IMHO pieces are for more general, universal topics that affect all of us, and that everyone can relate to: changes in the economy, government corruption, the effects of technology, democracy, etc.

Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders pieces are essays from esteemed subject matter experts, industry leaders, and academics, who share insights and analyses based on years of experience.

Rappler Blogs

Every member of the Rappler team has a unique voice, and Rappler Blogs is our space to freely express ourselves. Not only are we journalists, but we are also active citizens who value speaking up on what matters to us.


Every week, the Rappler team comes out with a main editorial focusing on a pressing issue. Along with our text is an animated GIF – an animated editorial cartoon – as a creative parallel to the piece.


From our news editor to our investigative head, the leaders of Rappler’s various departments offer email newsletters for subscribers, sharing insights into their section’s hottest stories.

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‘I’ve Got An Opinion’ and Opinion Artworks

Besides these sub-sections, Voices also has its very own podcast, hosted by Opinion Editor Marguerite de Leon. I’ve Got An Opinion features guests speaking up on taboo or controversial opinions, from being an atheist, to choosing to be child-free, to discovering BDSM, to moving from a Big 4 university to the province.

Subscribe to I’ve Got An Opinion on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Soundcloud!

Not only that, but Voices also features weekly artworks on hot topics! Here’s a sample. If your prefer sharing your thoughts through illustrations, look out for our callouts on social media!


Everyone is welcome to submit their pieces to opinion@rappler.com for review. Keep your work between 800 to 1,200 words, and strive for language that is clear, clean, and accessible.

You may also email Voices Editor Marguerite de Leon at margie.deleon@rappler.com.

We look forward to your submissions!

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Marguerite de Leon

Marguerite Alcazaren de Leon heads Rappler’s Life and Style, Entertainment, and Opinion sections. She has been with Rappler since 2013, and also served as its social media producer for six years. She is also a fictionist.