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How to support Maria Ressa and Rappler
How to support Maria Ressa and Rappler
Join Rappler+ and support Rappler’s brand of fearless journalism that speaks truth to power.

MANILA, Philippines – Despite the constant threats, attacks, trolling, hate mail, and legal harassment, Rappler journalists continue to write stories that speak truth to power. Why? Because of the community that supports our mission of upholding facts and truth in the face of lies and deception.

A community that cares

Rappler+ is a community that values truth and consequently one that believes in the power of independent journalism. These days, with disinformation and divisive content everywhere, finding people who value truth becomes more difficult – it’s so much easier to believe in lies that make us feel good and powerful. Rappler+ was created to be a membership program not a subscription package precisely because we saw more value in having a community that cared over transactional anonymous subscription payments. We wanted to meet the people at the other side of the screen and create spaces for meaningful conversations. Our community has grown and, as shared by our member Patrick, they “get to meet with like-minded people from all over the world. We all speak freely without judgment from others. I get insights from our conversations ranging from politics, to green living, to culture and the arts.”

Facts first

When we have no control over the facts, others take control of the narrative and what people believe to be true. As Maria Ressa says, “when people don’t know what is real and what is fake, when facts don’t matter, then the voice with the loudest megaphone gains more power.” In the Rappler+ community, we take fact-checking seriously. Althea, one of our members, highlights the significance of finding clarity amid the online noise: “It’s important to me that I have access to information that keeps me abreast on noteworthy events. Rappler is a source I can trust. Being a member, I get to be more involved in different activities that are very engaging. It helps me understand my role in upholding human rights and freedom.” 

Express the values you choose to live by

In Rappler+, we give our members the opportunity to learn, discuss and participate in thought-provoking events. Our members keep us accountable and we in turn create a space where they can practice the values they uphold. As our member Lot said, “Being part of Rappler+ is my little contribution to a bigger vision. Rappler’s mission is speaking truth to power and building communities of action for a better world. I believe in that.” 

The Rappler+ program allows you and Rappler to take a path collectively and build a society where institutions and leaders are accountable – and the truth prevails. 

When you join Rappler+, you are sure that the membership fees go directly to us, a 100-employee online news network based in Manila that stands by our mission, values, and editorial standards. Learn more about our membership program here. Or make a one-off contribution here.


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