Amanda T. Lago


About Amanda T. Lago

Amanda fell in love with lifestyle journalism when she interned for Mega Magazine and had her first solo interview with no less than her then-favorite author, Neil Gaiman. It should be noted that she fan-girled so hard at that interview that another journalist who witnessed it wrote about it in their paper.

She joined GMA News Online as a lifestyle reporter in 2011, where she wrote about concerts, theater, food, and travel for a little over a year. She left the publication to pursue a childhood dream of travelling to the United Kingdom.

After avoiding long-term jobs in favor of travelling the world, Amanda finally learned to commit when she joined Rappler in July 2017. As a lifestyle and entertainment reporter, she writes about music, culture, and the occasional showbiz drama. She also hosts Rappler Live Jam, where she sometimes tries her best not to fan-girl on camera.

When she’s not working, Amanda binge-listens to podcasts, reads, works out (to delay the aging process), cuddles her needy dog, or travels in search of perfect beach. She also loves exploring cities and dreams of writing a book about her home city, Makati.