Analette Abesamis

About Analette Abesamis

Analette has always been a tech savvy news junkie. She was taking pre-med when she (accidentally) joined Saint Louis University's Official Student Publication. She started as a layout artist and eventually became one of the editorial consultants during her post grad years.

She joined Rappler in 2011 as employee number 20. She started as a developer, graphics artist, network admin, and occassional teleprompter and writer for little Rappler.

In 2012, Analette started prototyping Rappler's disaster and climate change information platform, Project Agos (now called Agos powered by eBayanihan). As Agos continues to improve and grow, Analette moved from being one of its developers to being the Project Manager.

In 2018, Analette started writing scripts and producing videos for Rappler.

Analette also writes about theater and tennis. She is a huge fan of Lea Salonga, Simona Halep, and Roger Federer.