Chris Schnabel

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About Chris Schnabel

A native Manileño, Chris spent a decade abroad learning as much as he could about the world and how narratives change from place to place.

He spent most of his time in California where he studied International Economics at the University of San Francisco, and in Beijing China where he studied Mandarin at Tsinghua University and worked as a teacher.

It was in China a couple of years ago where he began to feel the rumblings of optimism coming from home – rumblings that intrigued him enough to return and be a part of the Philippines' exciting growth story.

After a stint as a manager in logistics and shipping, Chris decided to take the plunge into journalism, which he believes provides the keenest and widest view of how economics and politics shape the world.

Chris covers all things business and economics for Rappler, a position that gives him a front row seat to the story of a country that is finally realizing its potential.