Pauline Macaraeg

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About Pauline Macaraeg

Pauline joined Rappler in May 2019 as a fact checker. It was when she was first introduced to disinformation reporting. After debunking hundreds of dubious claims online, she then went on to become a researcher of Rappler's Digital Forensics team where she tries to make sense of online trends.

Pauline is a BA Journalism graduate from the University of the Philippines Diliman. She has been working in the field and has had experience both in print and online media since 2016.

Prior to joining Rappler, she worked as a data journalist for Forbes Philippines, Entrepreneur Philippines, and Esquire Philippines. In 2018, she received the 8th Statistical Media Award for Online from the Philippine Statistics Authority.

Pauline spends most of her time at work, but when she’s not writing or thinking of the next story to probe, you can find her binge-watching TV shows or listening to podcasts and K-pop bops.