Therese Reyes

About Therese Reyes

Therese thinks that for the most part, a girl can skip the primer and foundation and still look good. She also thinks that everybody’s entitled to have a favorite boy band or pop crush without being ashamed. If there’s one thing you need to know about Therese, it’s that she is not one to express meek opinions. As a content producer for Rappler’s Brandrap section, she makes a living on telling it how it is.

The Communication Arts graduate has the kind of perky, bubbly personality that thrives in creative environments. With a firm vision on how she would someday take over the world, she enrolled in a publishing course in New York University shortly after graduating with an honorable mention from De La Salle University. When she got back, she was promoted from editorial assistant to associate editor, reviewing movies and restaurants, and writing feature articles for Not being satisfied with the creative work that she already did for her career, she decided to channel her energy into a blog, Outtakes and Takeouts – a depository of all things quintessentially, quirkily, and unapologetically Therese.

Now at Rappler, Therese is juggling both her blog and her duties as a content producer without a hitch. That means she gets to gush about interests in her free time and hone her craft during work hours. She has put her mettle to the test by tackling a whole new range of topics. Since she has joined last May 2015, she has since become an expert on home loans, fever management, and the state of education in the Philippines. It may not be makeup or boy bands, but with her work one thing is for certain – there is no such thing as a meek opinion.