Alexa Villano

Alexa started her career in journalism working with GMA News as part of the news monitor team in 2005. After two years, she moved to in 2007, where she trained as an online reporter. In 2009, she moved to the sister company Philippine Star, where she continued to train as an editorial assistant and reporter. After years in the newspaper business, Alexa tried her luck working for a health magazine, and also contributed to entertainment and lifestyle publications.

Alexa graduated in 2005 with a Communication Arts degree from Miriam College. She was a reporter and Features Editor for the school publication Chi-Rho for 3 years. She was also a student correspondent for ABS-CBN Publishing's Chalk Magazine.

In 2011, she flew to Korea as one of the fellows under the LG Sangnam Press Foundation, where she took part in learning about Korean media at Seoul National University.

As Rappler’s Lifestyle and Entertainment reporter, Alexa covers local entertainment news, spanning a wide range of topics from beauty pageants to reality shows. Alexa loves reading books and magazines and baking. As someone who loves the performing arts, Alexa is into dancing singing and writing songs when she has the time.

Nov 2018
LIFE AND STYLE 10:57am, Nov 12, 2018
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Lessons from Pulitzer Prize winners

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LOOK BACK: The Miss Earth controversies

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GLOBAL AFFAIRS 06:00pm, Nov 03, 2018
Q and A: Frederik Obermaier, behind and beyond the 'Panama Papers'

HONG KONG – German journalist Frederik Obermaier is not used to the attention he's received since the publication of the Panama Papers in 2016. During the Pulitzer Prize workshop hosted by the Hong ...

Oct 2018
MUSIC 09:12am, Oct 24, 2018
LISTEN: 8 popular Ryan Cayabyab songs

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IN PHOTOS: Mickey Mouse through the years

HONG KONG – Mickey Mouse is turning 90! The beloved character created by Walt Disney is set to celebrate his birthday on November 18. In anticipation of his special day, Time Square in Causeway Bay, ...

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LOOK: Gender issues, discrimination as told through this OFW photog's lense

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Katarina Rodriguez: From Top Model to Miss World PH representative

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MISS WORLD PHILIPPINES 07:15am, Oct 07, 2018
Miss World Philippines representatives: Where are they now?

HONG KONG – The Miss World pageant is among the world's most prestigious beauty contests. True to form, the Philippines has sent some of its most beautiful to participate in the competition – many ...

Sep 2018
ENTERTAINMENT NEWS 03:03pm, Sep 25, 2018
IN PHOTOS: The Star Magic Ball looks of Julia Barretto

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