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Bea joined Rappler in 2012 first as a social media producer and, later, as a news reporter. She’s covered protests, botched police operations, presidential campaigns, and the House of Representatives. She is currently the site’s life and style and entertainment editor.

Mar 2019
CAREER 01:03pm, Mar 20, 2019
What do millennials work for?

Almost everyone has experienced this: it’s either the middle of the night or bright and early in the morning. You’re tired with nary a trace of sleep, and you have a million and more things to ...

MOVIES 01:40pm, Mar 17, 2019
The mystery, mania, and message of 'Neomanila'

The idea behind Mikhail Red's Neomanila was straightforward – it was the beginning of the Duterte administration's bloody but popular "war on drugs," and the body count was swiftly and steadily ...

Feb 2019
MISS UNIVERSE 01:35pm, Feb 26, 2019
Robredo thanks Catriona Gray for presenting 'the best of the Filipino'

MANILA, Philippines – Both high-security and humble visitors come and go at the Quezon City Executive House, where the Office of the Vice President has been based since Vice President Leni Robredo ...

MUSIC 05:21pm, Feb 11, 2019
Is there a secret to Spotify success? We ask its executives

MANILA, Philippines – That Spotify has managed to become a force in the local music industry is no surprise. In the Philippines, especially, its reach is phenomenal – the company itself estimates ...

Jan 2019
2019 05:15pm, Jan 28, 2019
Dela Rosa: Biopic will 'prop-up' Senate run

MANILA, Philippines – While the lead star and production team of Bato: The General Ronald dela Rosa Story are careful to downplay the political advantage of releasing a biopic weeks before the 2019 ...

BEAUTY 06:45am, Jan 16, 2019
First impressions, prices: Eco-beauty brand Love Beauty and Planet

MANILA, Philippines – Let’s begin with a caveat: inasmuch as I would love to stick to products that are sustainable and friendly to the environment, it’s hard when you’re on a budget and when your ...

TV 04:54pm, Jan 14, 2019
Here's what Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell think of each other's character in 'You'

MANILA, Philippines – That Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell are both in Manila to promote the first season of the Netflix thriller You is both ironic and delightful – especially for those who’ve ...

TV 02:41pm, Jan 14, 2019
Penn Badgley would like to remind you that Joe of 'You' is a murderer

MANILA, Philippines – In promoting the hit Netflix thriller You, lead actor Penn Badgley cannot stress enough one important detail: His character, the charming anti-hero Joe, is a murderer. It was, ...

Dec 2018
BEAUTY 02:01pm, Dec 24, 2018
Last-minute gift guide: Watsons, the bottomless pit of beauty goods

MANILA, Philippines – It's a universally-acknowledged truth that it's close to impossible to walk into a Watsons store and leave without a few hundred pesos gone. So when Christmas rolls around, it ...

CHRISTMAS 09:49am, Dec 24, 2018
Christmas for Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez: The basics with a touch of extra

Mar Roxas, the tito that he is, starts off an interview about Christmas and Christmas traditions with a rather bold, if not deal-breaking statement: “I hate [the Christmas season].” He does not ...