Janessa Villamera


From online to airwaves, Janessa is present to keep you company.

Janessa initially joined Rappler as an intern and returned a year after to say hello to the real world as a Social Media Producer. She's also a student DJ on Mellow 94.7's School of Jocks since 2012.

Jun 2018
MOVEPH 02:06pm, Jun 09, 2018
Meet Angelo Casimiro, promising young Filipino innovator

MANILA, Philippines – Twenty-year-old Angelo Casimiro dreams of collaborating with Tesla CEO Elon Musk someday. And who knows, this dream may not be far from reality. Casimiro, a BS Electronics and ...

Apr 2018
WELLNESS 11:11am, Apr 22, 2018
An expert explains why intermittent fasting might not be good for you

MANILA, Philippines – It's the word of mouth of the people around you, it's all over the Internet... but what is intermittent fasting or IF all about? Generally, IF means you only have a particular ...

MOVEPH 01:10pm, Apr 04, 2018
‘Humans of New York’ features inspiring story of Filipino soon-to-be teacher

MANILA, Philippines – "I think I've already learned a special skill that teachers have to keep their personal problems out of the classroom." This is what 20-year-old John Patrick "JP" Villanueva ...

Mar 2018
MOVEPH 09:55am, Mar 24, 2018
VIRAL: Story behind working student’s broom graduation photo

MANILA, Philippines – What was supposed to be a humorous post turned out to be an inspiring one. Dahn Saliendra just thought he was posting a funny college graduation photo, though the broom he ...

Feb 2018
BLOG 05:25pm, Feb 14, 2018
Goodbye ex-boyfriend, hello online dating

Breakups are the worst. For 3 years and 9 months, I struggled for true love. The long-term relationship that ended was toxic. I lost myself along the way and for sure it damaged him too. I fought ...

Sep 2017
BLOG 10:00am, Sep 24, 2017
Dealing with quarter-life crisis

Never settle. Keep going. But don’t lose sight of who you are. I’m writing this letter to you, 25-year-old self, as a reminder of how far you’ve reached and how far you have yet to go. The idea of ...

Jul 2017
BLOG 03:30pm, Jul 30, 2017
A disappointing story about getting a PH driver's license

This is the story of my frustrating encounters at the Land Transportation Office (LTO). I enthusiastically took driving lessons in college even if I knew driving in Metro Manila would be the ...

GAYA HIDUP 02:03pm, Jul 04, 2017
12 cara menghemat gaji di pekerjaan pertama

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Tentu mengasyikkan saat kamu pertama kali mendapatkan pekerjaan. Kamu tidak sabar untuk merasakan pengalaman 'dunia nyata' dan tentunya merasakan nikmatnya gajian. Pastinya kamu ...

Jun 2017
CAREER 11:15am, Jun 24, 2017
12 ways to save money on your first job

It's exciting once you land your first job. You can't seem to wait for the so-called "real world" experience and of course, paydays. For sure you already have plans on what to do with your salary, ...

Aug 2016
SOCIAL MEDIA 09:00am, Aug 22, 2016
We asked, you answered: Describe millennials in one word

MANILA, Philippines – One word, infinite descriptions. By now, it's likely you've encountered the term "millennial" probably more than your fingers can count. What does it really mean ...