Marga Deona

Marga Deona is a tinkerer, a taskmaster, and a problem solver.

As a child she lived in a house lined with shelves of books, magazines, vinyl records, and cassette tapes. Marga grew up preferring to isolate herself from external noises with a Walkman as she devoured novels and biographies instead of playing in the streets.

Words are her first love, music her second, and technology her third.

She studied Creative Writing in the Ateneo de Manila University, where she hoped to fulfil her quixotic dream of becoming a novelist. Life took an entirely different turn when she joined The GUIDON, where she learned that fact could be, at times, more scintillating than fiction.

Marga later on flitted back and forth PR and production work, having written segments for travel network Living Asia Channel and produced a radio show for the now-defunct rock station NU107. In 2008, she ventured into digital marketing. In the following years she helped mount presidential candidate Gilbert Teodoro’s bid and ran digital campaigns for Microsoft Philippines.

These days Marga works on platform strategy for Rappler's multimedia content. She bridges video production, social media, and SEO – constantly keeping abreast of shifts in digital algorithms and the pulse of online behavior to help spur and sustain audience growth. She also produces Rappler's live broadcasts – including Rappler Talk and Live Jam – and flagship programs. In her spare time, she produces reports on a wide range of topics – from music to technology, from combat sports to folk Catholicism.

Offline, Marga is a recreational triathlete and a competitive martial artist, spending most of her free time doing laps in the pool or on the track. She is currently gearing up for the Hong Kong Marathon and the Sydney Bridge Run.

Dec 2018
BLOG 05:45pm, Dec 22, 2018
When taekwondo becomes a bully’s weapon of choice

Right before we at Rappler broke the news about the Ateneo junior high student’s bullying caught on video, we had to look for the series of videos in question. The first video that surfaced was ...

Oct 2018
TECH FEATURES 10:09am, Oct 22, 2018
The perils of Facebook’s pivot to video

MANILA, Philippines – On Tuesday, October 16, a group of advertisers from California filed a class suit against social networking giant Facebook. This time, it is not a case of data privacy issues – ...

Jun 2018
PHILIPPINES 01:00pm, Jun 29, 2018
WATCH: 10 controversial statements from Duterte's second year

MANILA, Philippines – There are many ways to describe the words President Rodrigo Duterte utters at any given time – colorful, at best; vulgar, at worst. In the two years he's been in office, ...

Mar 2018
REPORTS 01:25pm, Mar 26, 2018
The grand carriages of Baliuag: Pomp and pageantry in piety

Editor's Note: This piece was originally published in April 2015. Rappler is updating and republishing this to mark Holy Week 2018. BULACAN, Philippines – Baliuag is not just a town; it is a brand. ...

May 2017
BLOG 12:09pm, May 31, 2017
How to quit smoking – for good

I quit smoking in February 2016 – almost 15 years after I bought my first pack. If I were to do the math, I could say that I've puffed half of my life away. What started out as an attempt to fit in ...

Apr 2017
ENTERTAINMENT NEWS 10:55pm, Apr 19, 2017
WATCH: 'I'm not allowed to speak in Filipino' – Sponge Cola vocalist

MANILA, Philippines – Singer-songwriter and Sponge Cola vocalist Yael Yuzon resorted to translating his band's song, "Jeepney," at the LG G6 launch at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall last Tuesday, ...

Jun 2016
PHILIPPINES 10:15pm, Jun 12, 2016
LISTEN: The Noynoy Aquino administration soundtrack

MANILA, Philippines – If outgoing president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III were to come up with a soundtrack summing up his 6-year term, it would be a mix of old and new songs, from the upbeat to the ...

Mar 2016
FASHION 02:28pm, Mar 28, 2016
Nikki Luna's empowering statement shirts from Human

MANILA, Philippines – For artist Nikki Luna, art is not a fragile masterpiece handled with utmost care. "You can step, play, lie down on my art," Luna says. And with her recent collaboration with ...

Jan 2016
MUSIC 12:23pm, Jan 14, 2016
WATCH: Musician Johnoy Danao talks about his Uber-driving experience

MANILA, Philippines – Many live music fans are accustomed to seeing folk singer-songwriter Johnoy Danao in gigs in and out of the metro – he's a very well-known figure in the performing circuit. ...

MUSIC 08:56pm, Jan 11, 2016
WATCH: 5 David Bowie covers from movie soundtracks, rock bands

MANILA, Philippines – The late David Bowie was a prolific songwriter, with a career spanning 4 decades. His Wikipedia discography lists 27 studio albums, 9 live albums, 46 compilation albums, 5 ...