Miriam Grace A. Go



After decades of pounding the beat and later doing investigative work, Miss Go thought in late 2010 that doing journalism part-time would be possible. She traded managing grant projects at Newsbreak for freelance work. Until the next elections came.

She helped direct #PHvote, Rappler’s coverage of the 2013 polls, as consultant, before she came on board as news editor.

Miss Go is co-author of the books Ambition, Destiny, Victory: Stories From A Presidential Election (with Chay Hofileña), How to Win An Election: Lessons From the Experts (with Booma Cruz), and Investigating Local Governments (with several); and is anthologized in Unholy Nation: Stories From A Gambling Republic.

She covered the US presidential election in 2008 as a Jefferson Fellow of the East-West Center in Hawaii, learned of local government innovations in Canada as a Marshall McLuhan Fellow, and observed Thailand's election system as a Southeast Asian Press Alliance Fellow.

In 2008, the UP College of Mass Communication recognized her as an outstanding alumna for her contributions in the field of investigative journalism. In 2017, she received the Glory Medal of Distinction from UP-CMC Alumni Association.

Most of the awards she has received are for reports on local governance, political parties, and campaigns and elections. She dreams, though, of hitting the road like Charles Kuralt, or "[writing] about things from my heart" like Rick Bragg, or taking up again her college job of writing greeting cards.

She is, however, getting increasingly interested in policy research on local governance issues.

She remains a fulltime journalist – who tries to cook Italian and Japanese.

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Jan 2020
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In 2020, we will tell more people stories

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Are we hopeful for 2020? We have to be.

“In the course of this past year, I’ve found myself wondering, more than a few times, whether we are living through the world’s stupidest era. Of course, it’s not as though people haven’t been doing ...

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In Duterte-land, U2’s Bono touches on the taboo

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Did Malacañang say the press is free?

He has made the threat at least twice before, in 2017 and 2018. But the 3rd time, he was more emphatic: “Ang iyong franchise mag-end next year. If you expect ma-renew ’yan, I’m sorry. I will see to ...

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Reporting on the SEA Games fiasco

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Bloated SEA Games budget and other exposés

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Rody, Leni, Imee: Reality checks, courtesy of Rappler exclusives

Hello! This newsletter comes to you in the evening – I couldn’t finish this in the middle of the UP Fighting Maroons vs UST Growling Tigers, with everybody (including me) screaming in the newsroom! ...

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The Philippines, a killing field

Sometime ago, a journalist friend and I were looking into post-Duterte scenarios, particularly about the legacy he would leave – first, in our armed institutions, and second in society at large – ...