Paige Occeñola

Paige is a fashion major who made the transition to journalism when she joined Rappler in its first year. She currently works as a senior social media producer where she is involved in writing, social media strategy, and all-around problem solving for the team.

She graduated cum laude with a degree in Clothing Technology at the University of the Philippines Diliman in 2012. She is currently taking up her Masters in International Studies in the same university.

When she's not busy with daily operations, crisis management, and social media analysis, she's lugging her readings to the nearest coffee shop to cram for class.

Apr 2018
TECHNOLOGY 04:54pm, Apr 15, 2018
Duterte supporters threaten to leave Facebook for Russia's VK

MANILA, Philippines – Upset over Facebook's third-party fact-checking partnership with Rappler and Vera Files, leading supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte have urged their followers to abandon ...

Mar 2018
SOCIAL MEDIA 03:47pm, Mar 13, 2018
Pinoy Ako Blog files complaint vs Thinking Pinoy, Sass Sasot

MANILA, Philippines – Blogger Jover Laurio (Pinoy Ako Blog) filed a civil complaint against pro-Duterte bloggers Rey Joseph Nieto (ThinkingPinoy) and Allantroy "Sass" Rogando Sasot, citing violations ...

Feb 2018
IN-DEPTH 04:24pm, Feb 13, 2018
Online influencer culture and politics: What happens when the two meet?

AT A GLANCE: Bloggers and digital influencers are regularly tapped by ad agencies and brands to promote campaigns and products. The same tactics and skills employed by boutique agencies to push ...

SOCIAL MEDIA 11:05pm, Feb 09, 2018
From Korean idol group to Duterte Supporters on Facebook?

AT A GLANCE: A fan group for a South Korean actor was renamed to "President Duterte Supporters" The administrator responsible for the name change appears to be an active member of other ...

Jan 2018
BLOG 06:32pm, Jan 19, 2018
[OPINION] Case vs Rappler not a freedom of the press issue? Please.

In the days following the Securities and Exchanges Commission’s (SEC) decision to revoke Rappler’s articles of incorporation, Malacañang repeatedly denied that it was a form of political harassment. ...

Dec 2017
SOCIAL MEDIA 04:17pm, Dec 21, 2017
2017: A year's worth of the administration's online faux pas

MANILA, Philippines — It's been a steep learning curve online for the Duterte administration. The social media personalities associated with it have strong online followings, owing to their candor ...

SOCIAL MEDIA 02:00pm, Dec 08, 2017
Pinoy Ako Blog's Jover Laurio sues Franco Mabanta for libel

MANILA, Philippines – Jover Laurio, the woman behind Pinoy Ako Blog, is suing Franco Mabanta for 4 counts of libel. In a complaint filed on Friday, December 8, Laurio is suing Mabanta for his ...

Nov 2017
SOCIAL MEDIA 07:45am, Nov 23, 2017
Swipe right: Tinder, Filipino Cupid are Filipinos' favorite online dating services

MANILA, Philippines — Filipino millennials are swiping right —but 4 in 10 are embarassed to admit that they found love online. According to a study by data and analytics group YouGov, 56% of ...

SOCIAL MEDIA 08:05pm, Nov 22, 2017
Fake news and freedom of expression in Southeast Asia

AT A GLANCE: What's unique about the context of the Southeast Asian region is that fake news and disinformation operate within a framework where existing laws already inhibit freedom of ...

SOCIAL MEDIA 09:02am, Nov 16, 2017
Mocha Uson shares graphic on Facebook misquoting Trudeau

MANILA, Philippines – Possible or impossible? The day after the ASEAN Summit came to a close, Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson shared a post calling out ...