Victor Barreiro Jr.

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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Victor has been writing about video games, technology, and the intersection of both into popular culture for over 7 years now, either professionally or as part of personal musings on his blog, Games and Geekery.

Victor enjoys gathering information online, either to connect stories together to trace the a story to its conclusion, or simply to learn more about things that catches his eye. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media are a comfortable third home, if you count the Rappler offices as his second.

Victor also prefers to be called a journalist-in-training rather than the shorter alternative, as a reminder that there's always something new to learn, especially in the fast-changing landscape of journalism in the digital age.

Aside from writing technology news on Rappler, he can also be found writing columns on upcoming massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs) on

Jan 2020
TECH FEATURES 07:57pm, Jan 23, 2020
What makes tech 'evil?'

I recently read through Slate’s “The Evil List,” which attempted to address and list down the 30 most concerning tech companies through ballots sent to journalists, scholars, and notable ...

TECH FEATURES 08:20pm, Jan 16, 2020
Sacrifice tech, not people, to solve problems

Technology should be used to help with big-picture problems that can end up affecting people on a grand scale. I said as much last week when I wished CES 2020 could do more to address bigger issues ...

TECH FEATURES 01:15pm, Jan 09, 2020
As the tech industry faces an identity crisis, CES needs to evolve

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) touts itself as “the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.” It aims to focus on creating ...

TECH NEWS 04:01pm, Jan 07, 2020
Facebook cracks down on deepfakes

MANILA, Philippines – Facebook announced on Monday, January 6 (January 7, Manila time) it was banning manipulated photographs and videos, or media classified as deepfakes. In a blog post, Monika ...

TECH NEWS 03:07pm, Jan 07, 2020
Western Digital shows off prototype 8TB external SSD at CES 2020

MANILA, Philippines – At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) in Las Vegas, Western Digital (WD) came out with a number of storage solutions serving mainstream users, gamers and ...

TECH NEWS 07:55pm, Jan 06, 2020
'Free Netflix,' chats with women used as lure in campaign for bill in India – reports

MANILA, Philippines – India's right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) used "free Netflix" and chats with women to lure people to call a number that would indicate support for the country's ...

TECH NEWS 07:08pm, Jan 02, 2020
TikTok transparency report asserts zero takedown requests from China

MANILA, Philippines – Popular video sharing social network TikTok revealed in its first transparency report – released earlier this week on December 30, 2019 but which covers a period from January 1 ...

Nov 2019
TECH FEATURES 08:41pm, Nov 19, 2019
'Lack of transparency' a problem in measuring Facebook user growth – report

MANILA, Philippines – In a report on Monday, November 18, the Financial Times (FT) outlined one of the many glaring problems Facebook needs to address: fake accounts on its network obscuring the ...

TECH NEWS 06:23pm, Nov 12, 2019
Twitter seeking input on future policy for deepfakes

MANILA, Philippines – Twitter wants your input on how it should treat manipulated media content. In a blog post, the company on Monday, November 11, sought to get feedback on how it should treat ...

TECH NEWS 06:49pm, Nov 08, 2019
Social media business model is underlying problem for disinformation – experts

MANILA, Philippines – Experts on Thursday, November 7, cited the existing business model of social media – the multibillion dollar real-time bidding advertising industry – as an underlying problem ...