Victor Barreiro Jr.

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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Victor has been writing about video games, technology, and the intersection of both into popular culture for over 7 years now, either professionally or as part of personal musings on his blog, Games and Geekery.

Victor enjoys gathering information online, either to connect stories together to trace the a story to its conclusion, or simply to learn more about things that catches his eye. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media are a comfortable third home, if you count the Rappler offices as his second.

Victor also prefers to be called a journalist-in-training rather than the shorter alternative, as a reminder that there's always something new to learn, especially in the fast-changing landscape of journalism in the digital age.

Aside from writing technology news on Rappler, he can also be found writing columns on upcoming massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs) on

May 2018
TECH NEWS 02:45am, May 09, 2018
The Android P developer preview launches today

MANILA, Philippines – Google launched the Android P developer preview on Tuesday, May 8 (May 9, Manila time) during its Google I/O keynote. According to their announcement, the beta will be open to ...

TECH NEWS 02:28am, May 09, 2018
Google's Android P is using AI to tweak your phone's battery life

MANILA, Philippines – Google at its Google I/O keynote on Wednesday, May 9, announced an impressive new bit of tech called Adaptive Battery, in which artificial intelligence will play a part in ...

TECH NEWS 02:15am, May 03, 2018
Facebook's artificial intelligence learns to see thanks to Instagram hashtags

MANILA, Philppines – Facebook on Wednesday, May 2, disclosed an artificial intelligence (AI) experiment that used Instagram to augment the machine learning algorithms. The effort into artificial ...

Apr 2018
TECH FEATURES 05:44pm, Apr 25, 2018
Overview: Controlling Facebook's Ad Preferences page

Facebook serves people advertisements that appeal to them based on their interactions with Facebook pages and Facebook-connected sites. You can, however, control to some extent what sort of ads you ...

TECH NEWS 11:34am, Apr 24, 2018
Razer planning to acquire online currency firm MOL Global

MANILA, Philippines – Gaming gear company Razer announced Monday, April 23, it was planning to fully acquire virtual currency firm MOL Global for $61 million. MOL Global is an electronic payments ...

TECH NEWS 02:10pm, Apr 19, 2018
Globe teams up with Riot Games, Garena, Mineski in strategic partnership

MANILA, Philippines – Globe Telecom is leveling up League of Legends and Arena of Valor with a crossover to push electronic sports (eSports) gaming forward in the Philippines. In an event at the ...

TECH NEWS 12:45pm, Apr 13, 2018
Mocha Uson's Wikipedia page locked down after editing war

MANILA, Philippines – The Wikipedia page of Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson has been locked down to prevent further revisions, following repeated attempts to amend or ...

TECH NEWS 11:56pm, Apr 11, 2018
Facebook CEO's personal data part of Cambridge Analytica leak

MANILA, Philippines – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted during a House committee hearing on Wednesday, April 11, to a personal connection to the privacy scandal with data analytics firm ...

BLOG 10:19am, Apr 11, 2018
Facebook's hubris in the midst of victimhood

Mark Zuckerberg says he doesn't believe Facebook is a monopoly. At a US Senate hearing on Tuesday, April 10, Zuckerberg responded to Senator Lindsey Graham's question on this, saying, "It certainly ...

Mar 2018
TECH FEATURES 01:35pm, Mar 20, 2018
How to check your third-party app permissions on Facebook

MANILA, Philippines – Chances are, you've heard about the recently revealed Facebook data privacy scandal and how third party-apps on the social network need your consent to access your data. In the ...