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Victor Barreiro Jr.

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Victor has been writing about video games, technology, and the intersection of both into popular culture for over 7 years now, either professionally or as part of personal musings on his blog, Games and Geekery.

Victor enjoys gathering information online, either to connect stories together to trace the a story to its conclusion, or simply to learn more about things that catches his eye. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media are a comfortable third home, if you count the Rappler offices as his second.

Victor also prefers to be called a journalist-in-training rather than the shorter alternative, as a reminder that there's always something new to learn, especially in the fast-changing landscape of journalism in the digital age.

Aside from writing technology news on Rappler, he can also be found writing columns on upcoming massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs) on

Apr 2019
TECH NEWS 08:41pm, Apr 22, 2019
Researcher finds security flaw in French government's chat app

MANILA, Philippines – A French security researcher on Friday, April 19, uncovered a flaw in the recently-released secure messaging application of the French government, Tchap. Tchap was launched on ...

TECH NEWS 06:20pm, Apr 17, 2019
Microsoft announces disc-less 'All-Digital Edition' Xbox One S

MANILA, Philippines – Microsoft on Tuesday, April 16 (April 17, Manila time) announced a new version of the Xbox One S that is perfect for gamers who have fast internet speeds in their homes. The ...

TECH NEWS 09:39am, Apr 11, 2019
Sony enables PlayStation Network ID changing

MANILA, Philippines – Sony announced on Wednesday, April 10, it was going to enable players on the PlayStation Network (PSN) to change their PSN IDs, effective April 10 in North America and South ...

TECH NEWS 09:52am, Apr 09, 2019
Windows 10 update allows for quick removal of USB drives by default

MANILA, Philippines – Microsoft on Thursday, April 4, announced a change to Windows 10 that adjusts how it treats external drives. Microsoft said that from version 1809 moving forward, Windows 10 ...

Mar 2019
TECH NEWS 04:16pm, Mar 30, 2019
Cyberattack vs alternative media traced to PH-based attacker

MANILA, Philippines – Swedish nonprofit Qurium Media Foundation, which provides rapid response services for media groups and civil society organizations, released a report on Friday, March 29, ...

TECH NEWS 08:39pm, Mar 25, 2019
Nintendo to release 2 new Switch models in 2019 – report

MANILA, Philippines – Nintendo is reportedly planning to launch two Switch console variants this year, with The Wall Street Journal reporting this could happen as early as summer in the United ...

TECH NEWS 06:17pm, Mar 21, 2019
Windows 7 gets patch reminding users of 2020 end-of-support date

MANILA, Philippines – Those sticking to Windows 7 and are holding out till the last moment to upgrade will want to know the end of Windows 7 support is coming closer. Microsoft is making sure ...

TECH NEWS 10:05am, Mar 14, 2019
New Google Chrome extension lets users filter out toxic comments

MANILA, Philippines – Alphabet subsidiary Jigsaw on Tuesday, March 12, released an experimental Google Chrome extension that uses machine learning to filter out toxic comments on social media and ...

TECH NEWS 09:15pm, Mar 11, 2019
Facebook sues 2 app developers for data-stealing browser add-ons

MANILA, Philippines – Facebook on Friday, March 8, filed a lawsuit against two Ukrainian app developers for allegedly using quiz apps in combination with browser add-ons to scrape data from ...

TECH NEWS 07:01pm, Mar 07, 2019
30 out of 44 PH politicians' websites insecure – report

MANILA, Philippines – As the internet-using world gets used to having and wanting secure websites as a norm, a pro-consumer website called Comparitech looked at the personal websites of over 7,500 ...