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Victor Barreiro Jr.

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Victor has been writing about video games, technology, and the intersection of both into popular culture for over 7 years now, either professionally or as part of personal musings on his blog, Games and Geekery.

Victor enjoys gathering information online, either to connect stories together to trace the a story to its conclusion, or simply to learn more about things that catches his eye. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media are a comfortable third home, if you count the Rappler offices as his second.

Victor also prefers to be called a journalist-in-training rather than the shorter alternative, as a reminder that there's always something new to learn, especially in the fast-changing landscape of journalism in the digital age.

Aside from writing technology news on Rappler, he can also be found writing columns on upcoming massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs) on

Jan 2019
TECH NEWS 12:05pm, Jan 18, 2019
Twitter patches Android bug that made private tweets public

MANILA, Philippines – A 4-year-old bug that was just recently patched on Twitter for Android devices may have allowed protected tweets to become publicly seen. The protected tweets toggle normally ...

TECH NEWS 08:04pm, Jan 17, 2019
Over 772 million email addresses leaked in 'Collection #1' data breach

MANILA, Philippines – Troy Hunt, the proprietor of the Have I Been Pwned data breach notification service, announced another major data breach on Thursday, January 17, that leaked over 772 million ...

TECH NEWS 07:00pm, Jan 16, 2019
Snap loses 2 more key executives in seeming exodus

MANILA, Philippines – Snap has lost two more key executives in less than a year, with the company's chief financial officer (CFO) and its vice president for investor relations both exiting the ...

TECH NEWS 12:52pm, Jan 16, 2019
Twitter formally gives Android reverse-chronological feed option

MANILA, Philippines – Twitter on Wednesday, January 16, formally rolled out the reverse-chronological feed option on Android versions of the Twitter app. The news follows the December launch of the ...

TECH FEATURES 10:32am, Jan 04, 2019
Will Facebook's 2019 continue the failings of 2018?

At the start of 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckeberg made it his resolution to "fix" the social network. "The world feels anxious and divided, and Facebook has a lot of work to do," Zuckerberg ...

TECH NEWS 04:43pm, Jan 03, 2019
Windows 10 edges out Windows 7 as most popular operating system

MANILA, Philippines – Windows 7, Microsoft's nearly 10-year-old operating system, has been dislodged as the most popular OS. Its successor? Windows 10. Information on the market share of the various ...

Dec 2018
TECH NEWS 02:31pm, Dec 19, 2018
Twitter relaunches reverse-chronological feed option

MANILA, Philippines – After announcing testing of a toggle button for tweet arrangement in November, Twitter said Tuesday, December 18 (December 19, Manila time), it was releasing the said feature ...

TECH NEWS 05:30pm, Dec 11, 2018
'Monster Hunter: World' to get 'Iceborne' expansion in 2019

MANILA, Philippines – Game developer Capcom announced Monday, December 10, that Monster Hunter: World (MHW) would be getting an expansion called Iceborne. The Iceborne expansion is set to be a story ...

TECH NEWS 08:17am, Dec 04, 2018
Tumblr to ban adult content starting December 17

MANILA, Philippines – Tumblr announced Monday, December 3, it will begin banning adult content on its service beginning December 17. The company's support page related to adult content as well as ...

Nov 2018
TECH NEWS 04:29pm, Nov 29, 2018
Nintendo Creators Program ending in December 2018

MANILA, Philippines – YouTube content creators and streamers of Nintendo games who've been stressed about the rules of the Nintendo Creators Program (NCP) will be pleased to know the company has ...