Downy has delighted families in the Philippines since 1996. Being the No. 1 fabric softener in the country, Downy continues to pioneer, innovate, and maintain its high standards to help Filipino families enjoy and transform fabrics into those you’d love to be in. Downy is specially formulated to give your clothes long lasting freshness after every wash.
Apr 2019
11:00am, Apr 25, 2019 HOME AND PARENTING
Toni Gonzaga reveals her mommy secrets

MANILA, Philippines — Don’t young celeb moms just make it look so easy? There never seems to be a moment of stress or uncertainty for them — their houses look spick and span, and their children even ...

Dec 2018
01:42pm, Dec 21, 2018 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
Three stories that will make you want to spread hugs this Christmas

MANILA, Philippines — We live in modern times. We’re always busy, always in a hurry. Our lives are filled with fleeting connections. But sometimes, we need to slow down and convey our true feelings ...

Jul 2015
12:10pm, Jul 22, 2015 #HOMEMAGIC
Watch what hugs can do

MANILA, Philippines – Why do humans crave affection? It’s a natural instinct: physical contact makes us feel loved, gives us comfort, and also shows the deepness of our relationships with the people ...

Jun 2015
12:08pm, Jun 26, 2015 #HOMEMAGIC
How to smell your way to success (or happiness)

MANILA, Philippines – There’s something about scents and how they can take us away with just one whiff. Be it food, perfume, or freshly laundered sheets, one deep breath is all it takes to induce ...

10:01am, Jun 24, 2015 #HOMEMAGIC
7 tips to smell fresh from AM to PM

MANILA, Philippines – There are days when smelling good can be a challenge. This is true especially if you’re in the Philippines, where the weather can go from hot and humid to raining and pouring ...

07:00am, Jun 20, 2015 #HOMEMAGIC
Give your ‘Pawis Kings’ a hug tonight

MANILA, Philippines – Fathers are the ultimate heroes against which all other superheroes are measured. Our dads may not have David Beckham’s rock-hard abs, but they have the perfect dadbod – and ...

May 2015
06:00pm, May 15, 2015 #HOMEMAGIC
Hangout: Motherhood in the modern world

MANILA, Philippines – Being a parent today is very different from what it was 50 years ago. Or is it? Parenthood 2015 comes with a load of demands: heavier work schedules, children who seem to grow ...

Mar 2015
02:19pm, Mar 16, 2015 #HOMEMAGIC
CONVERSATION: Who needs hugs?

MANILA, Philippines – Hugs are pretty powerful. The world definitely needs more of them! There’s something about a warm hug that instantly works wonders on our systems. When someone takes you ...

02:07pm, Mar 13, 2015 #HOMEMAGIC
Avoid summer burnout: SOS tips for busy parents

MANILA, Philippines – School’s (almost) out! For kids, it means whole afternoons of playtime, trips to the province to see cousins, sports clinics and making new friends, and TV marathons! Moms and ...

Feb 2015
09:05am, Feb 21, 2015 #HOMEMAGIC
Yes, you need more hugs

MANILA, Philippines – Feeling stressed lately? Here’s a quick solution - just hug it out! Hugs make you feel good, and science backs that up. Studies show1 that a lingering embrace can deliver a ...