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Sep 2019
03:53pm, Sep 06, 2019 HOME AND PARENTING
INFOGRAPHIC: A secret to productivity? Clean air

MANILA, Philippines – We all know that air pollution is harmful to our health but are we aware of the extent of its effects? Increasing studies show that the air we breathe is directly affecting our ...

Mar 2019
01:22pm, Mar 06, 2019 HEALTH AND SELF
WATCH: The dangerous pollutants lurking in your home

MANILA, Philippines - The home is supposedly where one feels most at ease, but beneath the carpets and on top of the furnishings lurk unseen pollutants and allergens. Watch the video above to find ...

12:33pm, Mar 05, 2019 HEALTH AND SELF
Home cleaning myths busted

MANILA, Philippines — Keeping the home clean seems like a pretty straightforward practice. But some of the most popular cleaning tips are actually urban myths — outdated notions and inefficient ...

Jul 2018
05:16pm, Jul 27, 2018 HEALTH AND SELF
Plagued by hair woes you don't know how to fix?

MANILA, Philippines — No matter how hard we try to fix our hair with the most expensive styling and hair-care products, sometimes we end up with lackluster hair we just can’t control. By making a ...

May 2018
01:11pm, May 17, 2018 HEALTH AND SELF
If you think you’re safe in your own home, think again

MANILA, Philippines — Your home is your turf and haven. It’s one of the places where you feel secure. And on long, busy days, you would always look forward to the thought of relaxing once you get ...