First Gen
First Gen is the leading clean energy company in the Philippines.
Apr 2019
05:32pm, Apr 16, 2019 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
Eco-friendly countries to visit on your next trip

MANILA, Philippines – Are you one of the many people today who are choosing to live more sustainably? According to a study by Nielsen, consumers around the world are seeking companies that care ...

12:42pm, Apr 12, 2019 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
How to kickstart a zero waste lifestyle without spending on new things

MANILA, Philippines – What comes to mind when you hear “zero waste lifestyle”? Metal straws, probably or those sleek canteens and rustic wooden pairs of spoon and fork. It is considered a lifestyle ...

Feb 2019
10:50am, Feb 26, 2019 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
Natural Gas in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – As we transition to a cleaner future, the demand for natural gas will also increase. Right now, Malampaya is the only sizeable source of natural gas in the Philippines. ...

10:40am, Feb 26, 2019 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
How natural gas plants benefit communities

MANILA, Philippines – There are five natural gas plants in the Philippines. Three of which have been here for almost 20 years – First Gen’s Santa Rita and San Lorenzo plants and the Ilijan plant. ...

10:36am, Feb 26, 2019 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
Natural gas and renewables are a perfect match in cutting carbon emissions

MANILA, Philippines – Among the Paris signatories, the Philippines pledged to reduce its emissions by 70 percent compared to projected levels by 2030. Learn more about how using natural gas can help ...

10:31am, Feb 26, 2019 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
Why natural gas makes sense for PH economy

MANILA, Philippines – In 2017, natural gas provided 21.8 percent of the country's total power demand. It also has the lowest generation cost compared to other sources contracted by Meralco. Learn ...

05:12pm, Feb 06, 2019 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
Natural gas in the Philippines

The global movement to save the planet has never been more aggressive now than when the Paris Agreement was drafted in 2015 and succeeding agreements have been ratified and executed. ...

Nov 2018
07:00am, Nov 30, 2018 ANNOUNCEMENTS
Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines: A leader in sustainability

[Editor's note: The following is a press release from First Gen Corporation and Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines.] MANILA, Philippines – Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines has been working hard to make clean ...

Oct 2018
04:43pm, Oct 26, 2018 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
INFOGRAPHIC: How does natural gas complement our shift to renewable energy?

MANILA, Philippines – Global trends and mandates already indicate that our shift to renewable energy should happen sooner rather than later. In fact, the transition seems to be inevitable, ...

03:04pm, Oct 23, 2018 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
INFOGRAPHIC: How does electricity reach our homes and buildings?

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines’ energy industry is a network of public and private players. Each work together to ensure that our homes and buildings get constant electricity. From the power ...