Jollibee is the number one QSR (Quick-Service Restaurant) from the Philippines that spreads joy by serving superior tasting Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti,Yum Burger, Burger Steak and Jolly Hotdog that satisfies the Filipino palate offering everyday great value and exceptional “Alagang Jollibee.”
Mar 2020
11:16am, Mar 13, 2020 GOODRAP
Meet Jollibee's senior and differently-abled service crew

For most of us, eating in fast food restaurants like Jollibee is a force of habit. We dine there so often that we immediately switch to autopilot mode once we line up to order our favorite ...

Jan 2020
02:07pm, Jan 15, 2020 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
New Jollibee Petron SLEX Southbound store is leveling up its customer experience

MANILA, Philippines – Last December 18, Jollibee opened the doors to its newest Level Up Joy Store, one catering to the popular fast-food chain’s southbound customers. Located at the Petron SLEX in ...

Nov 2019
03:52pm, Nov 22, 2019 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
A jollier experience awaits at the Jollibee Level Up Joy store

[Editor's note: Jollibee just opened its first Level Up Joy Store in Katipunan Quezon City. The store has self-order kiosks, wireless charging, and other customer experience innovations. Below is ...

06:33pm, Nov 21, 2019 ANNOUNCEMENTS
Jollibee is leveling up the customer experience by rolling out self-order kiosks

[Editor's note: Jollibee has installed a total of 97 self-order kiosks across the Philippines. Below is their press release.] MANILA, Philippines – Jollibee has taken its mission of spreading the ...

Oct 2017
01:17pm, Oct 16, 2017 ADVOCACIES
Everyday heroes recognized at the 7th Jollibee Family Values Awards

MANILA, Philippines – The ties we share with our families may be the most powerful bond we will have in our lifetime. Going above and beyond one’s call of duty is a way to strengthen that bond – it ...

Aug 2017
07:05pm, Aug 02, 2017 BRANDRAP
WATCH: Rappler Live Jam x Jollibee: Tippy Dos Santos and Curtismith

MANILA, Philippines – After launching her self-titled album last June, Tippy Dos Santos is returning to Rappler’s HQ with up-and-coming rapper, Curtismith for the first-ever Jollibee x Rappler Live ...

Jun 2015
12:16pm, Jun 17, 2015 STORIES
Happy birthday, Pilipinas!

MANILA, Philippines – Each year, Filipinos pay tribute to the heroes that came before them and show their gratitude by celebrating Independence Day. A country’s independence gives birth to the ...