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Dec 2017
06:26pm, Dec 28, 2017 ADVOCACIES
A day in the life: Youth volunteers

MANILA, Philippines — Her weekdays are spent as a full-time faculty member at Our Lady of Fatima University, and Saturdays are devoted to graduate studies in clinical psychology. But for the past 5 ...

12:00am, Dec 01, 2017 BRANDRAP
Quiz: What should be next on your bucket list?

MANILA, Philippines — More than pursuing their own dreams, millennials believe in finding purpose. They’re aware of societal issues and want to take action, but don’t know how to take the first ...

Nov 2017
10:16am, Nov 28, 2017 ADVOCACIES
Millennial heroes: stories of service

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Oct 2017
05:22pm, Oct 03, 2017 ADVOCACIES
Solving hunger: Why it’s important for millennials to help out

MANILA, Philippines — In a world that’s constantly changing, we need imaginative and creative children to lead in nation-building. But what will the Philippines’ future look like, if the Filipino ...

Jul 2017
09:25pm, Jul 13, 2017 ADVOCACIES
Combating malnutrition: The key to the Philippines’ long-term success

As the Philippines works to build on the positive momentum it has generated, the government has developed and committed to AmBisyon Natin 2040, a long-term vision guiding the country’s development ...

05:00pm, Jul 13, 2017 HEALTH AND SELF
WATCH: The realities of malnutrition among children

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATED) According to research, there is enough food to feed the world's population. But due to lack of access to proper food, 795 million people still go to bed hungry. In the ...

May 2017
06:00am, May 21, 2017 ADVOCACIES
INFOGRAPHIC: How malnutrition affects a child

MANILA, Philippines – The prevalence of malnutrition among Filipino children is showing no signs of improvement. The rate of chronic malnutrition in the country is at its worst in a decade, ...

Apr 2017
05:51pm, Apr 17, 2017 ADVOCACIES
#HangryAboutHunger: Join the fight to end hunger

MANILA, Philippines – Do you recall the last time you skipped a meal or two? How did you feel? Do you get irritable? Did it become more difficult to focus on work or school? If occasional hunger ...

Mar 2017
01:55pm, Mar 24, 2017 ADVOCACIES
List: Places where you can volunteer and help children fight hunger

MANILA, Philippines – When you finally get your days off, what do you do? Apart from having drinks with friends, heading out to the mall with family or spending some me-time at home, why not consider ...

02:53pm, Mar 15, 2017 ADVOCACIES
WATCH: Why solving hunger matters

MANILA, Philippines – The fight against hunger and malnutrition is far from over. It’s affecting families, especially children, who need the right nutrients to develop their bodies and minds as they ...