Ortigas & Company
For 87 years, Ortigas & Company has been perfecting the art of life, work, and leisure by conceiving of and building master-planned developments that have become thriving communities over time-paradigms of excellence in the Philippine real estate landscape. In its portfolio are some of the country’s best residential, business, and commercial developments in Metro Manila – including Ortigas Center, Greenhills Center, Capitol Commons, Circulo Verde, and its most recent redevelopment project, Ortigas East.
Aug 2018
02:17pm, Aug 29, 2018 DATA STORIES
A look into millennials’ ideal metro

MANILA, Philippines — Unlike in Western countries, children from Filipino families are not expected to leave the nest when they turn 18. They are pretty much welcome, encouraged even (blame it on ...

Jul 2016
07:49pm, Jul 26, 2016 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
Quiz: How well do you know Ortigas Center?

MANILA, Philippines — EDSA Shrine. Capitol Commons. The Tektite Towers. It doesn’t matter if you head to Ortigas Center for work, a weekly powwow with your friends, or have lived there your whole ...

Jun 2016
07:00am, Jun 04, 2016 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
Snapshot of a city: Ortigas Center at a glance

MANILA, Philippines – With a skyline full of skyscrapers and roads filled with vehicles, Ortigas Center sets itself apart as one of the most important central business districts (CBD) in Metro ...

May 2016
07:49pm, May 20, 2016 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
Ortigas Center: A bustling CBD in the heart of Metro Manila

MANILA, Philippines – These days, to live in an area where everything is accessible and available is a priceless gift. That is what you get in Ortigas Center. Just imagine: you can leave the office ...

02:54pm, May 16, 2016 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
No way to go but up: A look into Metro Manila’s CBDs

Central business districts move the economy. A CBD’s bright skyline offers a great view into how a country is developing. It’s the hub where business, culture, and technology come together and ...

May 2013
05:01pm, May 16, 2013 BRANDRAP
No way to go but up

A central business district's bright skyline offers a great view into how a country is developing. Click on the image and enjoy a special feature on the country's top ...