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Mar 2020
08:37pm, Mar 06, 2020 HOME AND PARENTING
A saggy diaper due to “babad” is giving your baby more than just discomfort

MANILA, Philippines – Babies cry because of many reasons. Aside from hunger, it’s almost always because of a wet, saggy diaper. They cry because it feels uncomfortable, obviously. But since babies ...

Apr 2019
05:01pm, Apr 29, 2019 HOME AND PARENTING
Why free play is important for your baby's motor development

MANILA, Philippines — Aside from their first word, a baby’s first step is arguably one of the biggest infancy milestones, one that’s sure to be recorded on video and posted by ecstatic parents. As ...

Jan 2019
02:40pm, Jan 30, 2019 HOME AND PARENTING
Quality or price — what’s more important? Parents weigh in

MANILA, Philippines — Parents, what’s the first thing you consider when choosing a product for your child — quality or price? It’s the eternal dilemma for parents. We want the best for our children, ...

Apr 2018
04:12pm, Apr 02, 2018 HOME AND PARENTING
Get a chance to win prizes by joining the Pampers Go Galaw contest

Are you a Filipina mom 20 years old and above, with a baby 3 years old or younger? Join the Pampers Go Galaw contest to win special prizes or even P100,000 in cash! Click here to learn ...

Mar 2018

Feb 2018
02:10pm, Feb 24, 2018 HOME AND PARENTING
Saggy diapers can affect your baby's development – study

[Editor's note: This article may contain affiliate links from our partners.] MANILA, Philippines — Diapers are primarily made to absorb pee and poo. But did you know that they can affect more than ...

Jun 2017
10:00am, Jun 23, 2017 HOME AND PARENTING
The little, big ways preemie moms and dads can show their love

MANILA, Philippines – Welcoming a baby into this world is the happiest day of a mother’s life. However, for some, it’s also one of the scariest. Am I ready to be a mom? Can I take care of a ...