Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk
New Alaska Fortified is a good source of Vitamin D for normal calcium absorption, calcium for healthy bones and teeth, iron for efficiency in red blood cells production, and protein for muscle growth and development. Together with good nutrition and balanced diet, Alaska Fortified’s goal is to help every Filipino kid reach their #TamangTangkadAtBigat for their age.
Aug 2018
08:05pm, Aug 20, 2018 HOME AND PARENTING
How to help children reach their full growth potential

MANILA, Philippines — "Diba kasi ang height, genetics yan eh...depende din yan sa pedia, yun iba kasi alarmist din. Maliit lang stunted na agad.” [When it comes to height, it’s about ...

04:14pm, Aug 03, 2018 HEALTH AND SELF
Southeast Asian nutrition: Where does the Philippines stand?

MANILA, Philippines – Why are most Filipinos short? We look a lot like our neighbors in the Southeast Asian region and genetically, we’re not that different. Why then do we rank as the second ...

Jun 2015
06:48pm, Jun 11, 2015 STORIES
A family that moves together, stays together

MANILA, Philippines – The onset of obesity amongst Filipino youth is a growing concern. According to statistics released by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, approximately 2 out of 10 ...

May 2015
04:18pm, May 26, 2015 STORIES
Inspire your child to lead a successful lifestyle

MANILA, Philippines – A parent’s role in their child’s life is one filled with responsibility, duty and love. They must care for their child’s needs while instilling in them positive values that ...