The Climate Reality Project Philippines
#ClimateActionPH is a campaign that aims to show Filipinos why we should care about the causes and impact of climate change while providing actionable tips on how each citizen can contribute to mitigation.
Mar 2017
08:19pm, Mar 17, 2017 #CLIMATEACTIONPH
Asian students use tech to help communities mitigate climate change

MANILA, Philippines – Students who participated in the Power Shift Philippines: Climate Action Summit, which was held in Daraga, Albay from March 10 to 12, vowed to help make their communities care ...

09:24pm, Mar 09, 2017 BRANDRAP
#ClimateActionPH: How we calculated your household’s carbon emissions

MANILA, Philippines – Here’s the explanation on how we got the values in the Household carbon footprint calculator interactive page. We used whatever available data and formulas from the Climate ...

06:17pm, Mar 09, 2017 #CLIMATEACTIONPH
HIGHLIGHTS: #ClimateActionPH workshop at Power Shift PH summit

MANILA, Philippines – How can young people lead the campaign to protect the earth from the worst effects of climate change? Answers to this question and more are being tackled at Power Shift ...

03:09pm, Mar 08, 2017 INTERACTIVE
#ClimateActionPH: Household carbon footprint calculator

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Feb 2017
09:39am, Feb 24, 2017 #CLIMATEACTIONPH
Coal isn’t cool: Bataan students, residents take plight to Facebook

BATAAN, Philippines – Bataan communities allegedly affected by coal-fired power plants in two towns take to Facebook to mobilize support for their plight. With the help of social media-savvy ...

11:44pm, Feb 17, 2017 #CLIMATEACTIONPH
LIVE BLOG: #ClimateActionPH Workshop in Bataan

MANILA, Philippines – In the wake of an alleged ash spill in Limay town in Bataan, concerned citizens recently held a protest at the headquarters of the corporation, calling for the Department of ...

08:03pm, Feb 16, 2017 INTERACTIVE
Will you survive a world severely battered by climate change?

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06:23pm, Feb 09, 2017 #CLIMATEACTIONPH
WATCH: Why it’s time to act on climate change

MANILA, Philippines – Climate change is here. If you think it doesn’t concern you, you’re wrong. As one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change, the Philippines bears the brunt of its ...

Jan 2017
06:11pm, Jan 19, 2017 #CLIMATEACTIONPH
#ClimateActionPH Calendar: How you can cut your carbon footprint

MANILA, Philippines — As 2017 kicks into full swing, it’s a good time to think about how we can better ourselves and here’s one item to add to your list: reducing carbon emissions. Annually, each ...

Dec 2016
04:38pm, Dec 10, 2016 #CLIMATEACTIONPH
#ClimateActionPH: Fighting coal with information drives, social media

MANILA, Philippines – Early this year, residents of Barangay Sawang Calero, Cebu City, were surprised to hear of plans to build a coal-fired power plant near their area. Concerned citizens such as ...