Nestle Wellness Club
Nestle Wellness Club is the Consumer Relationship Program of Nestle Philippines, Inc. that aims to help families start their wellness journey through small, practical steps. Our goal is to educate and enable our community of wellness aspirants to care for their families through good nutrition and physical activity.
Jan 2018
04:00pm, Jan 25, 2018 VIDEOS
[Gameplan] Beginners try Vinyasa Yoga

Life happens so quickly and we do so many things that we sometimes forget to pause and spend time with ourselves. “Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that means ‘flow’ so when you say Vinyasa, you do one ...

12:50pm, Jan 22, 2018 VIDEOS
[Gameplan] First-timers try indoor cycling

There are a lot of misconceptions about the intensity of indoor cycling, which is why most beginners don't choose it as their go-to workout. "Indoor cycling is a full body workout that focuses on ...

Dec 2017
06:15pm, Dec 13, 2017 VIDEOS
[Gameplan] Dance your way to fitness with Zumba

MANILA, Philippines – Treadmills, crunches, and burpees aren't the only ways to get fit. Why not shake off those calories with Gameplan host Mara Lopez and working mom Trixie Monteron through ...

06:16pm, Dec 12, 2017 VIDEOS
[Gameplan] Beginners try suspension training

MANILA, Philippines – What is suspension training and how can it help improve our daily lives? Gameplan host Mara Lopez and working mom Trixie Monteron try out a suspension training class for the ...

07:46pm, Dec 05, 2017 VIDEOS
[Gameplan] First-timers try pole dancing

MANILA, Philippines – Pole dancing can be intimidating specially since it’s not just your typical workout. Gameplan host Katz Salao and working mom Trixie Monteron try to pole dance for the first ...

Nov 2017
01:40pm, Nov 20, 2017 VIDEOS
[Gameplan] Boxing for newbies

MANILA, Philippines – Boxing may look like a brutal and difficult sport, but Gameplan host Katz Salao and working mom Trixie Monteron learned that there's actually a boxing workout for everyone, ...

01:18pm, Nov 18, 2017 VIDEOS
[Gameplan] Reformer Pilates for beginners

MANILA, Philippines – Finding time in your busy schedule to drop everything and work out can be a bit hard especially when it’s been a while since you last tried to do anything that screamed ...