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Jan 2020
08:00pm, Jan 29, 2020 FINANCE AND INDUSTRIES
How this businessman went from tikoy to telecoms

MANILA, Philippines – Even if Alex Yap grew up into their family business, things weren’t always easy. Chairman Yap’s company, Winnable Marketing Corporation, started out as Uy and Son’s General ...

08:00am, Jan 25, 2020 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
This dental clinic is enhancing smiles to enhance lives

MANILA, Philippines – Dr. Mylene Igrubay finds passion in transforming the smiles of her patients. Having started as an associate dentist at a prominent clinic, after 7 years in the practice, she ...

08:00pm, Jan 22, 2020 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
Creating a space where you can climb and socialize

MANILA, Philippines – What started out as a simple hobby for husband and wife Cristoph and Mica Bastin soon became their life’s work. Even before, the couple had always appreciated how welcoming and ...

08:45am, Jan 18, 2020 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
How a one-man team created a place to play

MANILA, Philippines – After coming home to the Philippines in 2015, Jay Corrioso found it frustrating how in order to play board games with his barkada, they had to do it in restaurants, cafes, or at ...

08:00pm, Jan 15, 2020 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
Building a haven for freelancers

MANILA, Philippines – Having come from freelancing backgrounds, Monshiar and Shyn Villarta know all too well the struggles of the community. What do you put as your office address? Where do you go to ...

07:30pm, Jan 11, 2020 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
How The Purple Groom became a go-to for pet lovers

MANILA, Philippines – As an only child, Jayme Chua often found solace in pets. When he grew up, he decided to open a pet grooming business. But back then, the demand for such services wasn’t so ...

07:03pm, Jan 08, 2020 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
This family of food lovers create their own recipes in this homegrown cafe

MANILA, Philippines – Like lots of Pinoys, Mario and Jen Parungao enjoy visiting cafes and milk tea shops. But while going on runs to their favorite restaurants, the couple came up with the idea to ...

Apr 2019
02:42pm, Apr 01, 2019 ANNOUNCEMENTS
PLDT Enterprise and Zenlayer provide on-demand global SD-WAN services

[Editor's note: PLDT Enterprise's partnership with Zenlayer aims to provide high quality connectivity for enterprises. Below is the press release from PLDT Enterprise.] MANILA, Philippines - PLDT ...

Mar 2019
02:03pm, Mar 28, 2019 ANNOUNCEMENTS
PLDT Enterprise partners with GritXL to transform Morong Rizal into an ICT and BPO hub

[Editor's note: Is Morong poised to become the next big ICT hub? Below is a press release from PLDT Enterprise.] MANILA, Philippines — A newly-opened leasing space in Morong, Rizal is poised to ...

01:13pm, Mar 26, 2019 TECH AND INNOVATION
PLDT Enterprise aims to stay at the forefront of innovation in 2019

[Editor's note: This year, PLDT Enterprise is expanding its services. Below is the press release by PLDT Enterprise.] MANILA, Philippines - PLDT Enterprise continues to stay at the forefront of ...