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May 2018
05:00pm, May 15, 2018 HEALTH AND SELF
What's 'HANGINfection' and how can you protect yourself?

MANILA, Philippines — Germs don’t just thrive on crummy surfaces — whether it’s the door knob of a public restroom, or an MRT handrail marked with fingerprints. They’re also in the air we breathe ...

Jan 2018
08:10pm, Jan 30, 2018 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
Tick off these items on your personal hygiene checklist

MANILA, Philippines — Now that we're well into 2018, how are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? At the start of every year, we all look forward to a new, improved version of ourselves. But ...

Oct 2017
10:00am, Oct 13, 2017 HEALTH AND SELF
A healthy habit for a happy Christmas

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Handwashing Index, a study commissioned by Safeguard, reveals that Filipinos need to improve on their hand washing habits. For instance, only 2 out of 10 ...

Mar 2017
03:44pm, Mar 23, 2017 HEALTH AND SELF
Your child’s threatening and invisible playmates

MANILA, Philippines – Playtime is a time of fun exploration for your kids. But did you know that it poses threats to their health, especially when they're not protected? These threats include ...