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Sep 2016
12:49pm, Sep 26, 2016 TECH AND INNOVATION
CONVERSATION: Share with us your best driving stories and tips

MANILA, Philippines – Do you drive your own car? If yes, can still imagine life without it? In the context of a country with poor public transportation options, driving a car has somehow evolved ...

12:27pm, Sep 23, 2016 TECH AND INNOVATION
Quiz: Test your car maintenance IQ

MANILA, Philippines – Being a good driver does not end at knowing traffic rules and regulations by heart. Being a responsible driver and car owner also means making sure your vehicle is in tip-top ...

03:59pm, Sep 20, 2016 TECH AND INNOVATION
Regular car maintenance: A cheat sheet

MANILA, Philippines – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” goes the popular expression. But when it comes to car maintenance, this should never be the case. For most of us, a car is the very first ...

03:54pm, Sep 20, 2016 BRANDRAP
Get 25% discount on Shell Helix Ultra

One of the most crucial aspects of keeping your vehicle in tiptop shape is to change its oil regularly. And to ensure that performance is at its optimum, you have to make sure that the oil you’ll ...