TransportWatch PH
TransportWatch PH is an initiative that gives citizens a platform to air their messages to relevant stakeholders. Transport Watch advocates are committed to push for policy and legislation that promotes better transport alternatives, road safety and education, as well as raise awareness of the Philippines’ transport issues to the media and their communities.
Aug 2018
05:15pm, Aug 11, 2018 ADVOCACIES
Right to ride: Over 2,000 riders join ‘Unity Ride’ to call for motorcycle taxi regulation

MANILA, Philippines — Last August 9, over 2,000 riders traveled from Commonwealth to Quezon City Memorial Circle to call for motorcycle-taxi regulation. Dubbed as the “Unity Ride,” the peaceful ...

03:09pm, Aug 08, 2018 ADVOCACIES
Support the right to ride, join unity ride against unfair motorcycle policies

MANILA, Philippines — Last May 27, an estimated 5,000 riders rode together to protest versus policies that discriminate against motorcycle riders. For one, more towns and cities are implementing ...