Uber Philippines
Uber is a ridesharing application that is changing the way Filipinos move through their cities by providing riders with safe, reliable, and affordable transportation options at the tap of a button.
Dec 2017
01:39pm, Dec 05, 2017 DATA STORIES
Rappler readers share how they really feel about Manila traffic and parking issues

MANILA, Philippines – Aside from work, sleep and food, two things are also now a constant in our everyday life: enduring traffic and looking for parking. These may even dictate how we go about our ...

Nov 2017
05:02pm, Nov 20, 2017 TECH AND INNOVATION
With emojis, hugot phrases, even Hangul, people shared how traffic made them feel

MANILA, Philippines – “R.I.P Free Time,” said one bright orange sticker. “Exhausting. Kaiyak.” said another yellow one. And all around these, there were many other circles scrawled with sad-faced ...

05:22pm, Nov 17, 2017 TECH AND INNOVATION
The way we move: How traffic and parking issues affect our lives

MANILA, Philippines – It has come to a point where we factor in traffic and parking when we move around the city. Have you ever asked yourself: Will I go out with friends if there’s heavy traffic? ...

11:32am, Nov 17, 2017 TECH AND INNOVATION
How much time and money do we waste sitting in traffic and looking for parking?

MANILA, Philippines – How important is free time in your life? Having the choice to spend your time meaningfully can make you happier, as shown in a study conducted by researchers from the ...

04:48pm, Nov 08, 2017 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
CONVERSATION: How can we help solve parking and traffic problems in the city?

MANILA, Philippines – Traffic congestion has become one of the causes of traffic in Metro Manila. These days, it seems that enduring bumper-to-bumper traffic in the city has become the norm, even ...

12:05pm, Nov 07, 2017 TRAVEL, FOOD AND LIFESTYLE
Unlocking better opportunities in our cities

MANILA, Philippines – Traffic and lack of parking space in Metro Manila isn’t just inconvenient – it’s affecting how we live our lives. A recent independent study commissioned by Uber Philippines ...

Sep 2017
04:29pm, Sep 07, 2017 TECH AND INNOVATION
Philippines: A nation on the road to progress

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Jul 2017
11:16am, Jul 18, 2017 TECH AND INNOVATION

MANILA, Philippines – Commuting has always been among the greatest struggles of Filipinos. But when ridesharing services such as Uber arrived in Manila, we gained a faster, safer, and more ...

11:00am, Jul 16, 2017 BRANDRAP
WATCH: Life #BeforeUBER

MANILA, Philippines – Can you still imagine life without Uber? The ride sharing app gave passengers an alternative solution against traffic. But beyond convenience, it also offered life-changing ...

05:25pm, Jul 06, 2017 TECH AND INNOVATION
Philippines: A nation on the road to progress

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