Infographic: Behind the Filipino smile
Do Filipinos have healthy teeth? Check this infographic for tips and facts about the Filipino smile.

MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos are known to look at the bright side of any situation they’re in. They’re always ready with a smile even if they’re faced with problems that would normally upset others.

The Philippines is known as one of the happiest and friendliest nations in the world. Even when disaster strikes, they will find the strength to rebuild and smile simply because there are other things in life they can smile about.

But even if Filipinos are confident to smile at any given situation, many don’t seem to give much importance to good oral hygiene. Notice that even if they’re missing a tooth – or have no teeth at all – they’ll still flash their biggest smiles.

There are plenty of reasons why they don’t visit their dentist regularly or why they don’t replace their toothbrush. It may be because of financial issues, lack of awareness or they just tend to forget that their teeth need to be taken care of as much as their skin or hair.

But it’s important to know how you can take care of your teeth and start being more conscious of oral hygiene. As they say, prevention is better than cure. You wouldn’t want to visit the dentist just because you have a toothache. By then it’s already too late.

How can you prevent wearing dentures before you reach your 20s, 30s or 40s? Here are some important facts behind the Filipino smile and some tips on how you can do just that.

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