#MyPick: Youth. Music. Art. Fashion.

What genre of music, works of art and fashion trends spark your interest?

YOUTH. What drives and inspires them today?

MANILA, Philippines – These days you can find the youth doing so many activities. Whether they’re glued to their gadgets or out and about with friends, their interests have changed in the past years. 

Attending music festivals, going to international and local concerts, lounging in outdoor film festivals, and discovering art exhibits are just some on their list. 

They will take time away from their schedule to see their favorite band or save up for a food trip in a new restaurant. There’s always something new to do, something that suits every personality.

Who or what inspires the youth today? What drives and attracts them?

Discover new things or share with us your thoughts on what fashion trends, music or artworks interest you by joining the conversation on Friday, February 7 at 4 pm.  – Rappler.com

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