5 no bake cakes to wow the family on weekends

5 no bake cakes to wow the family on weekends
Surprise your family with these easy but yummy ref cake recipes. No oven needed!

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Cakes are the star of every handaan, a sweet way to end a sumptuous meal. But who said we can only have cake when there’s a special occasion? That’s right, no one. Sometimes, getting through the week is good enough reason to have cake during weekends. 

If you’re worried about going way over your budget if you start buying cake every single weekend or spending your whole day off baking away in the kitchen, you can try these easy no bake cake recipes using Nestle All Purpose Cream, M.Y. San Honey Grahams, and just a few other ingredients. You don’t need to be an expert baker to make these cakes, too! Just whip and layer and you’re ready to go.

These ref cakes will surely turn your weekends into wowoweekends – whether there’s a special occasion or not!

Mango Graham Ice Box Ref Cake

Nothing beats the classic. One bite of mango graham ref cake will surely bring you happy memories of childhood and Christmas mornings. Create the same precious memories with your family by making one for your Sunday lunch. 

Peach Graham Ref Cake

If you want to try a different fruit topping apart from the usual mangoes, you can make peach graham ref cake instead. Using canned peaches in heavy syrup can assure you that there won’t be any surprise sour flavors – just pure sweetness.

Cookies and Cream Ref Cake

Not really a fan of fruit? Try making cookies and cream ref cake instead. This dessert would feel like ice cream and cake all at the same time – it’s the best of both sweet worlds! It’s a friendly flavor that both kids and adults will surely love.

Ube Graham Cake

For Filipinos, ube can be turned into just about anything – ice cream, milk tea, pandesal, and ref cake, too! Pair this ube graham cake (topped generously with cheese) with your adobong manok or any proudly Pinoy ulam this weekend and it will be an instant fiesta. 

Tiramisu Graham Ref Cake

If you’re feeling like taking your ref cake just up a notch, try whipping up a tiramisu graham ref cake. This will surely paint memories of things we miss like eating at a buffet or picking sweets from a wedding reception’s dessert station. 

It has definitely gotten more challenging to turn weekends into wowoweekends nowadays. But after a tiring work week, sharing good food and sweet desserts with the family will always feel like icing on the cake. – Rappler.com 

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