INFOGRAPHIC: The Stress Nexus
Population growth and rising prosperity are adding pressure on our supply of energy, water, and food – also known as the stress nexus

MANILA, Philippines – Global population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, around 2 billion more than today. This growth, combined with rising prosperity, is placing added pressure on the world’s resources of energy, water and food. This phenomenon is known as the “stress nexus.” The stress nexus is heightened by climate change and will be felt most strongly by our planet’s growing urban population.

How do energy, water and food affect each other? Will the world have enough of these vital resources in the decades to come? How important is it to know about the stress nexus?

How does this global dilemma affect every single person on our planet?

Can governments, business and society find a way to work together and tackle this challenge? 

Here are some important facts to give you a better understanding of the stress nexus and its implications on our environment and global economy.

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