Refreshed, energized: Grooming tips from the guys

Janis Ian Gopez
Ever wonder how the big shots keep going? Some male celebrities share their energizing tips

MODERN MEN. L-R: Rico Blanco, Paul Soriano, Xian Lim, Anton Del Rosario, and Victor Consunji. All photos by Manman Dejeto / Rappler

MANILA, Philippines –  Ever wonder how the big shots keep going?

Last Tuesday, March 18, Pond’s unveiled its newest face care range – Pond’s Men Energy Charge. It’s the latest grooming range from the leading face care brand, featuring the energizing benefits of coffee suitable for men’s skin needs.

Pond’s transformed Whitespace into the Pond’s Manor, where skin care for men was highlighted. As the leading skin care company for women, Pond’s is also establishing itself as the leading male grooming company. After all, “men who look after themselves can do so much more,” says Unilever VP for personal care Gina Lorenzana.

Brand Manager Jonathan Pua explained that the new Pond’s Men Energy Charge line (which includes a facial foam, all-in-one moisturizer, and gel moisturizer) harnesses the advantages of coffee beans that gives guys a bright and energized complexion. For men who are prone to acne, he recommends the Pond’s Men Acne Clear Oil Control Facial Wash.

SKIN SENSE. Aum Sinsawat, Unilever Regional Development Center Manager for Skin Care, explains the benefits of coffee on skin. Photo courtesy of Unilever

Also present was Unilever Regional Development Center Manager for Skin Care – Aum Sinsawat who talked about how the Pond’s Institute harnessed the power of Coffee Bean extracts to develop the new Pond’s Men Energy Charge range. “It took the Pond’s Institute several years to develop Pond’s Men. The Pond’s institute stumbled upon coffee and its skin care benefits. Coffee is actually a rich source of anti-oxidants that protects skin and bolsters its defense. It also protects the skin against the harsh rays of the sun especially the harmful UVB rays. Lastly it makes skin smooth as it hydrates and regulates water content.”

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Guests were welcomed first into an energizing chamber where the scent of coffee filled the air. Inside, they were treated to a sumptuous dinner while listening to the beats of DJ Nina Saputil. Pond’s Ambassador Rico Blanco opened the night with a supercharged performance before being joined onstage by fellow ambassadors Paul Soriano, Victor Consunji, Anton del Rosario, and Pond’s lead endorser Xian Lim.

They all epitomize the modern man – one that other guys envy and all the women love. It’s no secret that they’re not only widely successful, they all happen to carry their selves with style.

During the launch party at Whitespace, we asked these men: how do they maintain the energy and confidence to fuel their passions? 

Here’s what they told us.

Performance level 24/7

Actor/singer Xian Lim doesn’t look like the schedule he keeps. “I’m up around 6 am. I’m a morning person. I wake up, get in the shower, wash my face, go right ahead and start my day,” he narrates. In between tapings, shoots, recordings, guestings, mall tours, and what-have-yous, the artista life doesn’t afford you much sleep. Xian, however, looks like he’s been getting all the rest he can get.

STAGE READY. Sleepless hours are a part of actor Xian Lim's life. He makes sure to recharge by catching up on his favorite shows or books

What’s his favorite pick-me upper? “I watch TV, movies, or read books,” he says. Plus, he’s discovered the benefits of a solid grooming routine to get him recharged.

This year, we’re sure to see and hear more of him. Xian is going on a tour to promote his album (which is doing pretty well) plus another soap that will start shooting sometime after April. He’s ready though for those long nights and days that his work entails.

Always first on the set

Like Xian, director Paul Soriano isn’t a stranger to shoots that go on for hours or tapings that extend until the next morning.

With a grueling work load, it’s important for him to set his day. “I’m a morning person. I like getting up early. Even if I don’t need to be up early, I still [do]. I usually like waking up a couple of hours before my first meeting so I’m relaxed and I’m not rushing,” he says. 

FIRST ON SET. Director Paul Soriano starts his day early to have ample time to recharge for the day

Like most guys, he has a simple morning grooming routine. “When I wake up, I say a prayer and then I wash my face. That really wakes me up and of course, a nice quick cold shower.”

In the middle of the day, when the work takes its toll, Paul turns to power naps to keep him energized. His favorite films also keep him going. “I watch my favorite films on my laptop. My real favorite film is ET and Close Encounters of The Third Kind. I like science fiction.” Which of the recent Oscars nominees did he enjoy? “I liked Gravity. I got to appreciate such technical storytelling.” 

If these fail, there is one grooming technique he’s always prescribed to. “When I shoot movies or commercials, you can be shooting hours on hours. Washing my face was always been one of the ways to wake me up.”

Braving the Manila sun

Shooting for Xian and Paul is a mix of indoor and on-site locations, but for businessman and real estate mogul Victor Consunji, his “office” is mostly in the great outdoors, where he is exposed to the sun, dust, and other elements.

Construction sites are his playgrounds. One look at the projects VCI or Victor Consunji, Inc and you’ll know that he pushes the envelope when it comes to design. “We fight against tradition, but at the same time, [take into consideration] requirements for a family home,” he says. 

TOUGH STUFF. Victor's typical day consists of construction sites and outdoor oculars, so he makes sure to keep a solid cleansing ritual at home

Long days are the norm and some stretch well into late evenings. “My days are quite hectic. Being in the construction [business], we’re always on call.”

How does he keep energized even at day’s end? “I like to wash it all off. Go in after a hard day and wash off the stress,” he shares. After which, he can still manage to squeeze in family time. “I watch a bunch of TV series with my wife and spend time with my baby boy.”

Pushed to the limits

Like Victor, sweat, grime, and sun exposure are constant in an athlete’s high-intensity days. Aside from daily training sessions as member of the Philippine National Football Team, or more popularly known as Azkals, Anton del Rosario alternates this with working out at the gym, spending time with his fiancé and son, and other projects such as developing an app called Sportevate that helps the user look for organized pick-up games.

“I wake up early. I’m usually up at 8 am or earlier if we have to train. I get in the shower and Pond’s Men Energy Charge works. It gives me that [boost of] energy before training. I like the tingly feeling. I actually learned to use facial wash from my fiancé. It’s very important. She gets on my case about it (laughs),” Anton shares. 

GOOD SPORT. Anton doesn't mind getting skincare tips from his fiancé once in a while

To keep fit, Anton pays attention to what he eats and makes sure he gets proper rest. That doesn’t mean however that he’s immune to burning out and getting tired.

“After training, I have a lot of energy after that. After an intense activity, for me, it’s hard to rest [immediately after]. It keeps me steady throughout the day. I start crashing around 8 or 9 pm,” he says.

In the moments when he feels his energy dip, Anton re-energizes with a quick bath. “I love my showers. I take about 3 to 4 showers a day. It keeps me up. I do drink my coffee too. I take it black with a bit of sugar, sometimes with the touch of milk.”

Keeping his rythm

For music genius Rico, the challenge comes in keeping up with his crazy schedule—wherever it leads him.

“Every day is different,” he says when asked to describe his usual week. There are days that take him as far as Ozamiz for a music tour, a video shoot around the city for his website, or holed up at his home studio for a recording or song compositions.

SOUNDS COOL. For musicians like Rico, every day is different – but he relies on tried-and-tested rituals to stay composed and on track

“We’re always on the go. If I have an out-of-town show, that’s when I wake up very early,” Rico says. Not much of a coffee drinker, Rico has found a way to get the sleepy struggle out of the way so he can make it to his red-eye flights on time. “It’s nice to have that jolt in the morning when I wash my face. Coffee in your facial wash? I appreciate that.”

To keep up with his erratic schedule, Rico also squeezes in other activities to keep his pace steady. “I like to run with my dutch shepherd around the village. I also play basketball at least once a week. I’m also into photography,” he says.

Rico however keeps going back to his core. “I like doing other things aside from music, but music energizes me too,” he shares.

These men stay focused simply because they don’t stop doing what they love. They also #GetEnergized by relying on quick, effective pick-me-ups to keep going — while looking good. As Rico perfectly pointed it out, “Grooming is about respect. Respect for yourself, respect for others.”

Aside from the ambassadors, the launch party at Whitespace also featured performances from international acts KimKat and Shermanology, as well as local beats DJ Nina Saputil.  Members of Manila’s gorgeous set such as Marc Nelson, Maggie Wilson, Fabio Ide, Daniel Matsunaga, Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez, and Bianca Valerio also attended the event. –

It’s time to #GetEnergized. Pond’s, the leader in face care, introduces Pond’s Men Energy Charge in face wash, moisturizer, and acne clear oil control face wash variants. Available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide. Visit the Pond’s Men Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for more updates.

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