CONVERSATION: #DefyExpectations
CONVERSATION: #DefyExpectations
How does social media impact your life today?

MANILA, Philippines – How important is social media? Could you go a day without checking any of your social media accounts?

Now that we can get any type of information online, relying on our phones and tablets to get the latest news or even just to see what other people are doing has been part of our everyday routine.

But social media can be more than just a platform to express ourselves. It can create connections and strengthen relationships. Technology has made our lives even more close-knit. It can also spread awareness on relevant issues and topics, disseminate information quickly and give immediate updates right when we need them.

Social media can also be used for the common good – change the world, change history and change lives.

What’s the role of social media in your life and in society? Is it where you draw inspiration from or do you use it to inspire others? How has social media inspired change?

Tell us how social media has changed your life by joining the conversation on Thursday, April 10, at 4 pm. Don’t forget to use #DefyExpectations when tweeting. –


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