Experiencing the power of words

Nikki Natividad
Experiencing the power of words
It’s time to "Turn Kaba to Kaya!" with Modess as they launch their new campaign and advocacy

MANILA, Philippines —Never underestimate the power of words.

Oftentimes, the most powerful words come in single syllables, like “can’t”. Telling yourself or others, “you can’t do it”can be really discouraging. Small as they are, words have the power to cut like daggers and shred your confidence. But on the flip side, those same sharp words also have the ability to uplift rather than bring down. 

“You can’t give up”is something your best friend would tell you when you’re just about throw in the towel with studying for exams. Again, it’s such a small thing to say or do, but a positive phrase can really lift your spirits and lighten your load —you’d be surprised!  Even a simple “Thank you”after you’ve done a good deed, and a courteous “You’re welcome”to seal the exchange is enough to restore your faith in humanity —because we sometimes forget that people are capable of just being good. 

To celebrate the might of speaking positively, Modess launched their “Turn Kaba to Kaya!” campaign on June 10, 2015 at 2pm in the Market! Market! Activity Center. The constant stream of negative words – whether they are aimed directly at a person or towards somebody else – has a deep impact on a young girl’s confidence and self-image. Pre-teen and teenaged girls typically deal with backbiting and chismis, and it is this insight that acted as a springboard for the campaign. 

Bea Bravo, brand manager of Modess says, “Rather than spreading the culture of chisims, or pulling other girls down, we’d want to promote a culture of encouragement.”It’s about empowering girls to be a positive influence on other girls as well.  

The event featured a lot of fun activities and structures to prove their point on the impact of both positive and negative words on a person. Modess Brand Ambassador, Julia Barretto, also made a special appearance, and took the audience on a tour of all of Modess’empowerment-centered activities. She shared her personal experience with negativity as well as a few nuggets of wisdom. “If you know yourself well enough, you won’t be so affected by the negative stuff,”she chimed.  

They say that one kind word can change someone’s entire day, so be a testament to the influence of a positive vocabulary. Check out our live blog for a recap of the full experience.



Join this advocacy and change your attitude about girl talk today! Visit this Facebook site to learn more about the campaign 

 —  Rappler.com 

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