The best version of my child

Adrianna Mejia
The best version of my child
How can you give your child the 360 advantage?

MANILA, Philippines – ‘Our children are not ours, they might come from us but they are not us.’ – Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

It is the desire of every parent to provide their utmost best for their children, and watch them develop into the best version of themselves. You delight in seeing them unlock skills and traits at an earlier age than you, and you also make it a point for them to experience things that you were not able to as a child. But how do you ensure your child’s good health and that he be the best learner he could be?

From the day your child is born, you can already start tracking his milestones in the four critical skill areas of the brain – Intellectual, Motor, Emotional and Social. With proper nutrition and stimulation, your child can have holistic brain development.

Parents have a critical part in nurturing children’s natural curiosity; enabling them to learn new things on their own.

Be the best role model for your child. Give him or her the 360 advantage and be there every step of the way. –

Support your child’s holistic brain development with the highest levels of DHA. 

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