What do millennials look for in a home?

What do millennials look for in a home?
Today's young achievers are constantly in search for living spaces that will fuel their drive and nurture their lifestyles. But what elements really matter to them?

[Editor’s note: The following is a press release from Megaworld.]

Contrary to what a lot of people say against them, millennials are taking adulting seriously in order to fulfill that ideal work-life balance. In making sure that every moment is spent on the things that actually matter to them, choosing where they live has become one of their major priorities. 

Millennials value time and would put a premium on a home that’s closer to anything and everything. From reputable universities to their preferred workplaces, they are choosing locations where they can continue enjoying being in the midst of it all. Metro Manila is teeming with developments that maximize holistic living, where everything one needs is within reach, and the millennials’ search for the ideal location almost always start in communities where work and play exist harmoniously. 

But what comprises a perfect location for this generation of achievers aiming to have it all?

1. A world of possibilities within reach

In a city where the state of traffic can be described as “extremely challenging” for the longest time, millennials are constantly looking for places where they don’t have to drive far to reach institutions they frequent. These accessible locations are most likely ideal investment hubs, such as central business districts including Uptown Bonifacio, McKinley Hill, and McKinley West, where work and play blend harmoniously.

 2. A space for artistic expression

On its good days, the city offers a sense of belonging to go-getters and dream chasers while cradling ambitions and nurturing goals. It is, however, crucial that the urban jungle doesn’t stifle creativity. After accessibility, space for social interaction and creative expression should be next on the checklist.

In an age when work from home and freelance opportunities have become a priority, social interaction happen in spaces like gardens and co-working stations.

 3. A sense of balance and harmony

There is something uniquely beautiful in symmetries and angles and a panoramic view of the city’s skyline. Apart from the stars up above, dotted cars down below give an astonishing reflection of the fast-paced lifestyle in the metro. A home with flexibility in design and purpose is a haven fit for people who know that circumstances can change in a drop of a hat and home adaptability should be a priority.

4. Flexibility in home acquisition 

As savvy as millennials are in handling their expenses, they take a closer look at the payment options when purchasing the things that they want, especially if it’s a big investment such as home ownership. They aim to be flexible in exercising their spending power, enough for them to enjoy life’s other luxuries such as travel and other rewarding experiences.

 Born from the early 1980s to early 2000s, the millennials of today are the kids who looked forward to the release of Harry Potter, Disney, and Home Alone movies. These achievers sang their hearts out to the music of NSYNC, A1, Westlife, and Boyzone during their teens. 

Millennials have been around long enough to understand that their childhood played a crucial part in shaping who they are and who they wanted to be.

But where are they now?

They are climbing the corporate ladder. They are pursuing further studies. By building startups, they are navigating entrepreneurship and blazing a path to success on their own. They may be in relationships, slowly growing their own families, or staying happily single as they hop from one adventure to the next.

As is always the case, the key is in finding the courage to start and the right timing to begin. Millennials will continue to push boundaries and shatter limits. They will be alright.

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