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Adjusting to hybrid work needs in the era of remote workforces

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Adjusting to hybrid work needs in the era of remote workforces
What are the tools, devices, and skills that your team will need to stay productive as the pandemic persists?

Editor’s note: AMTI is an information and communications technology company in the Philippines that empowers companies through digital transformation. They are reaching out to businesses who are still grappling with new tech demands for work-from-home and hybrid working arrangements. See their press release below.

The longer the recovery from the pandemic is, the longer businesses have to implement work-from-home or hybrid work arrangements until it is safe to go back to the office and operate 100% of their workforce. Surprisingly, this has been well-liked by today’s workforce. The thought of going back to the office and once again experiencing the dreadful daily commuting in congested traffic is hard to process since they are used to a work-from-home setup—which is proven convenient, productive, and effective for them. Moreover, various studies have shown that several workers and job seekers prefer a digitally-enabled company and a leader in innovation. This changing employee behavior and the demand for a flexible work condition forced companies to transform and implement remote work or hybrid work settings—whether temporarily or permanently to retain and attract the best talents.

Big tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Twitter announced they either work remotely or embrace a hybrid work setting indefinitely. Several companies have also followed this approach considering that the employee productivity sustained and increased—proving remote work setup is workable. It is as if this phenomenon has forcibly given companies the choice to quickly innovate, keep up, and meet today’s demand because otherwise, they will lose in this battle of survival in the business world.

“As leaders discover the flexibility and productivity gains in remote working, they are now finding new ways to fine-tune their business operations to sustain this level of work experience under the new normal.” Said Bong M. Paloma, EVP for technology, sales and marketing of AMTI, one of the most diversified information and communication technologies companies in the Philippines and a digital transformation enabler.

Using the proper collaboration & communication tools

In a remote work setup, communication is essential to maintaining connection, productivity, and collaboration. Employees rely on virtual and digital platforms to communicate and collaborate effectively. By chance, at the onset of the pandemic, communication and collaboration tools such as Viber, WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft Office, Slack, and many others were readily available. Investing in the right and best tools to foster solid and efficient virtual communication and collaboration leads to a workable and successful remote work environment and increased employee satisfaction.

Keeping the team dynamic and well-connected

Aside from using digital tools to maintain communication and collaboration, personal and professional development is necessary to keep employees engaged and productive. Set clear policies, deliverables, productivity metrics, and goals to track and address outcomes well. Have regular meetings or check-ins—whether it is for work or an update on how an employee is doing. Moreover, organizing online training for learning and upskilling and online fun or ice breaker events can keep employees motivated and engaged.

Equipping employees with devices optimized for remote work

Technologies are the backbone in one’s business to operate effectively. Devices used in an office setting are as important when working remotely. A reliable device like a laptop should work best in a remote work lifestyle. It should be intelligent, secured, and agile to handle the daily workload, and portable or lightweight without compromising the performance. An added monitor or desktop for a work-from-home setup makes workers more productive and work faster. Whether it is a laptop or a desktop, the proper devices should make remote working a breeze.

Provide accessible end-to-end technical support

Remote workers can experience technical issues at any time of the day. The information technology (IT) teams should have a high-level and quality tool to support employees quickly and address technical issues to prevent interrupted work. Furthermore, the IT team should educate and guide remote workers to protect sensitive business information and how cyber threats or breaches happen since employees can work anywhere and access public networks. It is all about ensuring that the IT team and employees have the adequate tools and support they need.

Business conditions are exponentially changing because of the ongoing pandemic and employee experiences and demands. But rather than seeing it as a setback or challenge, it can be a benefit and a competitive edge to redefine and sustain a business in the long run. Technologies that support business transformation continue to expand rapidly. In addition, several workers now expect more remote or flexible work opportunities. Instead of resisting this change, businesses should embrace and leverage digital capabilities that enable remote working.

AMTI and Lenovo help local businesses keep pace with the changing business landscape to emerge victorious in today’s digital remote work-driven business environment. We provide leading-edge computing devices with inherent security, flexibility, and intelligent features—allowing employees to perform their best anytime and anywhere.

Talk to AMTI now to help you analyze your current business situation and remote work readiness to develop recommendations and solutions tailored for your business. Send your inquiries at or email us at

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