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Animal Kingdom Foundation urges fast food chains to go cage-free

Animal Kingdom Foundation urges fast food chains to go cage-free
AKF is also distributing leaflets around Metro Manila to raise awareness about the cruelty of battery farming

Editor’s note: This activity is part of Animal Kingdom Foundation’s advocacy to end inhumane farming methods. Below is their press release.

Major fast food chains in the Philippines are being urged by the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) to commit to phase out battery-farmed eggs and transition to cage–free eggs. This is part of their “Cage-Free, Go Cruel-Free” campaign against animal welfare issues attributed to battery farming.

AKF’s leaflets were laid out in different parts of Metro Manila, sparking curiosity among those who didn’t know that eggs are being farmed in such cruel ways.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among the consumers regarding the inhumane farming methods involving egg-laying hens. They are encouraging people to urge the Philippine fast food chains along with other global brands to put an end to this kind of cruel method by shifting to a more lenient kind of farming practice.

Different fast food chains in Europe, and North and Latin America have committed to eradicate the use of battery-farmed eggs in its products and completely transition to certified cage-free eggs by 2025.

“It’s time for the Philippines to do the same too,” said Atty. Heidi Caguioa, program director of AKF.

The growing conscious Filipino consumers are calling for more humane farming procedures and implementation of higher animal welfare standards for animals raised for food. Just as the cage-free movement is also flourishing globally.

As some local and global brands switch to cage-free eggs one by one, AKF is hoping that the largest fast-food chain brands in the Philippines will soon heed to the call and work towards the switch to cage-free.

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