Calamansi app gears to drive in donations for the Philippine Red Cross

Calamansi app gears to drive in donations for the Philippine Red Cross
All proceeds will go directly to the PRC's GCash, PayMaya, PayPal, and Bank QR codes

Editor’s note: Through its Hangout for Heroes event, Calamansi is committed to giving back to frontliners through discussions, performances, and fan meetups. Below is their press release.

This coming May 29 and 30, we will be witnessing this year’s biggest and most exciting audio-based online gathering for the frontline workers and volunteers of the Philippine Red Cross at Calamansi’s Hangout for Heroes digital event. Together with some of today’s most influential personalities, the team behind Calamansi app will be able to give much-needed assistance to the frontliners and volunteers who have been battling the pandemic.

Hangout for Heroes intends to drive in donations for the Philippine Red Cross an organization that has not only been a bastion in the country’s fight against the global pandemic but has long been a pillar of every Filipino in times of calamities, providing aid and solace to thousands of families across the country.

Why did they specifically choose the Philippine Red Cross as the beneficiary of this event? “We want to touch base with a foundation that is really strong, has a reach, and a great presence all over the Philippines,” says Trina San Pascual, Content Operations Lead for Calamansi.

More than a year after the first outbreak, we are still experiencing the adverse effects of COVID-19. But with the enduring efforts of our frontline workers who continue to risk their lives in the line of duty, we are given a sense of hope even in the most difficult of times. And now with the help of Calamansi and its ever dedicated team who have made this event possible, we can finally give back to the brave heroes who have brought us a step closer to attaining a better tomorrow.

A new kind of zest in every Pinoy’s life

Although fairly new in the digital game, Calamansi has been a tool for every Filipino to share their content and creative skills online. Since the app is audio-based and offers low-data consumption, it became possible for Pinoys to hang out digitally without the need to splurge on mobile data plans. One unique feature of the app is allowing 10k users and 50 speakers to be in one live cast room at the same time without interference. And the best thing about this it’s all for free! In his recent interview with, Calamansi CEO Chen Wang shared that, “At Calamansi, it is our objective to create a Filipino-friendly environment that stimulates local users’ creativity and expression.”

An app that extends a helping hand

Calamansi aims to broaden the reach of the Philippine Red Cross to the far-flung areas of the country where one of the most pressing matters is the lack of accessible and affordable testing centers. The donations that will be driven in from the event can help mobilize this movement in the provinces, where getting tested for the virus has become a luxury that most people simply could not afford. All proceeds will go directly to the event’s beneficiary through GCash, PayMaya, PayPal, and Bank QR codes that will be made visible throughout the duration of the event.

What to expect during the event
Calamansi app gears to drive in donations for the Philippine Red Cross

Conversations with frontliners from the Philippine Red Cross will kick off both days of the event. Hangout for Heroes will have meaningful discussions on topics such as “Coping Mechanisms: Stabilizing Emotional and Mental Health”, “What to do when COVID hits home?”, and “Self-care and business during this pandemic”. Some of the many guest speakers that will share their knowledge and insights are mental health advocate Dr. Gia Sison and business expert RJ Ledesma. A few of today’s highly sought-after celebrities such as 6cyclemind, Aicelle Santos, Sam YG, Moonstar88, and Morisette, among many others, will also grace the event.

There will be 3 Live Cast rooms during the event that will hold several activities simultaneously: the Music room, Fan Meetup room, and Discussion room. The Music room is solely dedicated to the performances of singers, bands, and up-and-coming artists. Users will get the chance to interact with their respective idols at the Fan Meetup room. Staying true to the event’s cause, experts and frontliners will be spearheading topic-based discussions in the Discussion room.

Listen to amazing performances, interact with your favorite bands and celebrity idols, and take part in timely and informative discussions at no cost all for the benefit of the Philippine Red Cross and all its beneficiaries. Being a part of this event will not only help a community grow but is also a step closer to helping every Filipino in need. –