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Introducing the Detours from Home podcast

Introducing the Detours from Home podcast
Listen to quarantine stories narrated by Viva artists

Earlier this year we asked our readers to share with us what they’ve been doing while in quarantine –  whether they’ve learned new things or picked up new habits. 

We received essays from all over the Philippines and abroad. There’s this writer from New York who suddenly had to bike to wherever she needed to go to because taking the subway was just too risky. And there’s this academic from Barcelona who would cook food that reminded her of home so she would feel less alone.

There were also stories about online dating while in quarantine and a bookworm finally finding the time to go through her to-be-read pile. These are different stories from different people, but because we went through the same poignant time in history together, you’ll definitely find one that you could relate to.

Now we’d like you to experience these quarantine stories in a whole new way. We’ve partnered with Viva to bring you Detours from Home, the podcast. Listen as some of your favorite Viva artists narrate these real stories from real people. 

Season one will feature the following stories:

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