Why hotel and property owners should partner with RedDoorz Philippines

[Editor's note: The following is a press release from RedDoorz Philippines.]

MANILA, Philippines – Tech-enabled affordable accommodations company RedDoorz seeks to extend its foothold on Southeast Asia’s growing online travel market, building on its productive 2018.

The Singapore-based company has been growing in leaps and bounds, increasing its business through its presence in more than 30 cities and 500+ properties across four countries in Southeast Asia, namely Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

RedDoorz aims to reach 1,500 properties by 2019, eyeing a bigger piece of Southeast Asia’s growing online travel market, which Google predicts will zoom to US $76 billion by 2025.

Improving customer satisfaction among partner properties

RedDoorz Philippines is actively seeking new partners to deliver outstanding budget hotel accommodations to more locations across the country. With its expertise in the hotel industry and its online platform, the company looks to improve and modernize Filipino businesses.

Several types of individuals can partner with RedDoorz–boutique hotel owners who want to be more prominent, apartment/apartelle owners who are looking to upgrade their business, and even owners of multiple properties. The company has had a positive impact on Filipino business as proven by some of the statements from its partners.

Michelle Leal, owner of RedDoorz Premium near Trinoma, comments on her good working experience with the company: “The best part about working with RedDoorz is getting exposed to the hotel industry. We also increased our revenue and was able to provide more work for employees.”

Kate Capulong, owner and General Manager of RedDoorz Premium at Sta. Rosa - Tagaytay Road, said: “First of all, you are working with a very dynamic team. That’s very important. Second of all is the reliability of the company. And thirdly, we’ve just started and we’ve already seen the positive impact. The things we were not able to get before, they completely turned around in a week’s time.”  – Rappler.com

If you are a hotel/property owner and interested to know more on how to partner with RedDoorz, please fill up this link.