This platform makes kids want to study math so much, its servers are turned off at 10 pm

This platform makes kids want to study math so much, its servers are turned off at 10 pm
With KooBits' innovative educational platform and engaging content, kids can't peel their eyes away from math

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Kids these days love spending time on digital devices, usually to entertain themselves with videos and games. But did you know that there is space for learning in the digital realm too?

Learning and playing are often separated from one another. But KooBits, an e-learning platform that teaches math to kids ages 6 to 12, has combined both elements so well that they began receiving messages from parents saying their kids are sleeping later to keep learning. After requests from thousands of parents, the team now turns their servers off from 10 pm to 6 am so kids won’t stay up past their bedtime.

To have kids love math, and practice independently is a dream for many parents. KooBits’  unique approach to learning has empowered children to love learning proactively, as they continue attending conventional schools.

Mary Ann, a parent of a boy in grade two has been using KooBits through the pandemic since 2020, shared “John has become so motivated to practice math that I don’t have to nag at him anymore. KooBits’ teaching methodology has enabled him to become more confident in school”.

Bringing math to life with interactive animations and real-life applications

An EdTech startup that began in Singapore, KooBits has redefined education to enable every child to become a confident, self-directed learner and an independent thinker. It caters to different learning styles such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic by presenting lessons in an interactive format that transform complex math concepts into easy-to-understand video explanations. This lets children quickly absorb knowledge, improve their focus, and remain engaged throughout the learning process. 

Whenever kids get stuck on a question, they can simply watch these step-by-step video explanations and get instant help, without waiting for parents or a teacher to go through the solutions.

“KooBits makes it easier for him to understand math conceptually. I have two other kids and I plan to get them on KooBits as well,” said Juan Nemesio, a parent of a boy currently in grade six.

KooBits borrows gamification elements to make learning just as fun and immersive. Besides rewards and competitions, KooBits also helps children apply math concepts to real-life applications. From learning about angles through famous monuments in the world to learning about ratios by measuring ingredients for a cake, math is brought to life and made much easier to understand. 

“My daughter loves KooBits. Since we have shifted to homeschooling, I was looking for ways to promote independent learning for her. What I liked about KooBits is that it has real-life examples which helps my child have a deeper understanding about Math. If your child wants to learn the essence of Math, with real-life applications and examples, KooBits can help. And as we can see, technology is already changing how kids learn. And KooBits is an example of such innovation,” shared Sonnie Lim, a parent of a girl in grade four.

World-class education aligned to DepEd’s curriculum

KooBits was co-developed with educators and child development experts for effective, independent learning. It uses interactive, media-rich animations and personalization technology to help children practice and learn math skills on their own in a safe environment. An accompanying app helps parents to track their children’s learning progress.

KooBits has also designed the platform to complement children’s learning in school. That’s why all content on KooBits is aligned 100% to the Department of Education’s curriculum. This way, parents can be sure that the math exercises their children do on KooBits will help them with their school exams too. 

And by doing at least 20 minutes of KooBits a day, parents have seen improvements in their kid’s math scores by as much as 30% per term.

“I like KooBits because it has helped my son’s mathematics. He has now improved from 70 to 80+ to 90++. KooBits also has competitions that our kids can take part in that keeps their motivation up,” shared Christine, a parent of a grade three boy.

Accessible, child-safe, and affordable

As an online platform, KooBits can be accessed easily through a tablet or a computer. KooBits also guarantees child-safe content and zero ads, while games are limited to 25 minutes a day to encourage healthier screen times. An accompanying parent app also helps parents keep track of their child’s performance in real-time and set parental controls. 

“My children are very motivated to do the questions and challenges. Initially, I wasn’t in favor of having anything online for them but after looking at the questions on KooBits and seeing how KooBits benefits them, I have peace of mind and there is now one less subject for me to worry about,” shared Lesley Ribon, a parent of a girl in grade three.

Costs are very affordable too. Now going at a 60% discount, an annual Standard plan only costs P1488.

Standard plan is for users who want content aligned to the local DepEd curriculum. Parents who are keen to give their kids added exposure to an international curriculum and other enrichment features (like advanced problem solving skills and real-life applications to math) can choose the premium subscription.

Visit https://www.koobits.com/math/phl to learn more and sign up for the standard plan at 60% discount now. – Rappler.com