McDonald’s: Brightening up celebrations during the holiday season

Raven Lingat
McDonald’s: Brightening up celebrations during the holiday season
Group meals are more fun when you order from McDo

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There’s a particular warmth that comes to me whenever I visualize McDonald’s iconic M logo. 

I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. When I was young and had to get my teeth pulled out, I would comfort myself with the knowledge that I would get to eat a McDo hot fudge sundae afterwards. When I first lived away from home, I would get a spaghetti and chicken meal delivered to my dorm while I messaged my family. 

When I had to go back to the province and other restaurants’ delivery services were not yet as polished, my sisters and I turned to McDo. And just recently, when my family was in need of a quick, convenient, and affordable meal, we had McDonald’s delivered. 

For me, McDonald’s is synonymous with comfort. Whenever I enter one of its branches, I immediately know what to expect. It’s what home feels like – if home could be a place that I can go to even if I’m in another province or a different country.

Making friend hangouts more fun

Have you ever had too many people in a group and wound up taking hours choosing where to eat? That’s how my friends and I used to spend our nights after classes. In the end, we usually found ourselves at the nearest McDonald’s branch. 

Sitting inside the chosen branch of the week, we would share the aptly-named BFF fries and laugh at each other’s stories. There were even times we had to be told by other patrons in the store to tone down our voices.

Why does it make group hangouts more fun? Here’s my idea: We all have our fond memories either of its food or a specific branch. We all have our own McDo favorites and this store has long been part of Filipino culture.

In short, many of us feel at home when we eat food from McDo. Symbolized by its iconic Happy Meal, there is a certain joy that comes when we order a McDo meal.

Making the holidays happier

McDo understands its unique position in Filipino culture. Now that the holidays are upon us, it launched its Holiday Group Offers to make sure that our once-a-year hangouts with extended family, old school friends, or coworkers are filled with food that is safe and affordable. 

As we celebrate the merriest time of the year, McDonald’s is taking part in the celebration with discounts on group offers. If you’re having a safe group gathering this year, you can get a 10% discount with a minimum purchase of P3,000 food bill. The discount will be applicable based on the total food bill upon order confirmation.

Holiday Group Offers you can enjoy:

  • Meals for Sharing – McDo favorites including McSpaghetti, Chicken McDo (both original and spicy), McNuggets, and Fries. Good for 10, 15, and 20 pax.
  • Solo or Individually Packed Meals – Various individually packed McDo products that include either rice meal or burgers.
  • Christmas Happy Meal – Happy Meals with food options like Chicken McDo, 4pc uggets, McSpaghetti or Burger Mcdo. Good for 4 pax.
Send-to-Many feature

Virtual hangouts can also be more fun this year! Holiday Group Offers will be available via McDelivery app Send-to-Many feature until December 31. Through this, you can send your orders to multiple addresses in one booking. But note that Holiday Group Offers discounts DO NOT apply to Send-to-Many orders.

Want to make your holiday meals happier? These offers are now available in participating McDo stores (either for take-out, pick-up, or drive thru) and via the McDelivery app. For more information on this offer, check out their website. – Rappler.com

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McDonald’s Philippines master franchise holder, Dr. George T. Yang, opened the first McDonald’s store in Morayta, Manila in 1981. Since then, McDonald’s in the Philippines has been a strong and relevant player in the country’s quick service restaurant industry, having grown a store network of more than 650 across the country. McDonald’s Philippines continues to elevate its community relevance thru Ronald McDonald House Charities and McDonald’s Kindness Kitchen in reponse to COVID-19 crisis.